Sunday, 18 July 2010

Why businesses should monitor their Facebook pages

Check out some of the comments from former staff on the company Facebook.

At the request of the local company involved, I have removed the photo and identifying information.

  • [name removed]
    You re a fab lookin team...great to be friends!
    01 October 2008 at 23:40

    [name removed]
    Thankyou! As are you :) :)
    02 October 2008 at 10:41

    [Name A removed]
    omg Cheynne......look its [name removed] and ger nit infested nest i mean hair i mean mop oh dear i dunno what i mean im laughing so hard
    30 December 2009 at 10:21

    Cheynne Christie
    STOP IT. I JUST then threw up a little (okay...a lot) in my mouth.P.S. You are like, totally humping her. I am DYING from laughter.
    30 December 2009 at 10:25 ·

    [Name A removed]
    EWWW as if can't you see how close my head is to your & not hers gross gross gross
    30 December 2009 at 10:26

    Cheynne Christie
    Can you spot the pulsating teste behind her ear lobe? Ba boom. Ba boom...
    30 December 2009 at 10:27

    [Name A removed]
    she is so hideous i can't stop looking and pointing and laughing bahahahahahahahahahaha 30 December 2009 at 10:27

    [Name A removed]
    i think her nit nest was covering it that day, but i could hear it beating that thing needed its own post code
    30 December 2009 at 10:29

    Cheynne Christie
    I am laughing so hard that Tyson is about to bust out his first words "wtf Mum?" She is pointing to her groin and saying "he gives the best he*d!!!! Scrummy in my tummy....!!!" I need therapy.....
    30 December 2009 at 10:29

    [Name A removed]
    30 December 2009 at 10:31

    Cheynne Christie
    Please avoid vomitting on the floor......after lasagne....and sculling wine. That's [name removed] job. And it has the neighbourhoods pubes in it.
    30 December 2009 at 10:32

    [Name A removed]
    OMG you are so wrong...and remember how [name removed] yelled at you for using all the air freshner to kill that stale wine off lasagne vom it smell hahahahaha
    30 December 2009 at 10:42

    Cheynne Christie
    YES :(
    30 December 2009 at 10:43

STORY Original posted on Sunday, July 18, 2010 Posted by Michael P Moore

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Sick of Gen Y said...
Gen Y have no respect and no idea
Sun Jul 18, 02:17:00 PM

GoblinBeard said...
Businesses can monitor their page websites all they want, but it won't ever hide the fact of what modern human nature is, without the profit-making business ethics.These comments sound like they were written by the modern day average person. No, I'm not kidding - most people around my age atleast, talk like this all the time...I feel sad quite often. It's not just in how people talk that starts it, but it also shows in the interests of people as well/or lack of.It seems that human morality and spirit is degrading.I believe most people have a lot of potential, but that our media influences them to act like absolute clowns most of the time.I often wonder about the world we're handing to the next generations. It's hard to find others who care about this like I do, and the few that do, and come into my life, often become my closest friends. Intellectuals are rare here. I always have an open heart to talk to new people, but 90 percent of the time, new people to meet is just new trash to remember.Always remember - Dickheads are more common, thus, influence of dickheads on the youth is more common. Time will formulate.
Sun Jul 18, 05:05:00 PM

Doug John Sainsbury said...
90 percent of the people in this world are fucked in the head & will only lead to more chaos, just through having their opinions play part in life. Let's have a massive Holocaust. Hey, If anyone has any quicker solutions, throw them down. Right now, all I see is FAil, Fail, fail, Fail, Fail, Fail, and continuous smiles held by those whom are ignorant & stupid. Hey. Let's launch holocaust on them! :D Be angry if you want at my comment, but just through continuing this bullshit lifestyle, working for greedy dickheads, we're killing a lot more things in the long run than a holocaust could ever achieve. I win.
Sun Jul 18, 05:31:00 PM

J Jaye, Freshwater said...
All this shows is that businesses don't know how to use nor manage social online networking. Just look at the example you disclosed last week with the Cairns Post. What did the web manager say?? Something like they found it a challenge!! WTF?!?Maybe if they employed an IT savvy kid with a head screwed on, they might learn some basics about the internet.
Sun Jul 18, 05:35:00 PM

Thaddeus said...
Utterly charming, I don't think.Enough is there to see [removed] is a dysfunctional office. This occurs mostly because of poor management.Both have ostracised Tania, and by posting their comments boldly on the website, quite obviously give the woman hell at work. Chances are these two women fawn, grovel and ingratiate themselves to their Manager while also making jokes at her expense behind her back.As a former manager myself with many staff, my advice to the manager is "Wake up to your bloody self and don't let these unconscienable vixens wreck your office!"
Sun Jul 18, 06:37:00 PM

I Like Rude Girls said...
Hold the phone, people, the comments above from a bunch of Ma Grundy's are way too finger-waggingly moralistic - girls just want to have fun! [removed] are hot! I'd slap bellies with either of them, more fun than a barrel full of monkeys!
Sun Jul 18, 09:18:00 PM

yk said...
This is another example of why ordinary people have so little regard for Real Estate agents.This is absolutely appalling and obscene behaviour on behalf of 2 savage and disgusting women who find it amusing to denegrate, abuse and bully a work collegue.I personally know Tania and find her to be a kind and gentle woman who has endured much in her life and needs love and understanding not this cruel and barbaric treatment.If the owner of this unfortunate company has any principals whatsoever she must immediately dismiss both these women and, hopefully, they will never again be in a position to inflict such brutality on another person.
Sun Jul 18, 09:21:00 PM

Julia's Haridressr said...
Geez your tits feel sooo good against my back Cheynne! Rub more honey! Geez but dont tell anyone how much that little tummy you have shows in the pho to!And hey Cheynnne ... lean back against that disgusting milf despite her hair else your such a bitch!
Sun Jul 18, 10:10:00 PM

nocturnal congress said...
"I Like Rude Girls"...yeah I'm sure these two would be a right royal barrel of laughs, until they posted details of the size of your family jewells on the net. Be a different story then ay? Yeah, you can laugh yer guts out when they're scoffing and mocking some other poor sod , but once they turn their claws and cat piss on you, it's a different story.
Sun Jul 18, 10:26:00 PM

Alison Alloway said...
My advice to Tania is to take a copy of these comments to a solicitor and start legal action against her employer. Workplace bullying is a serious issue and breaches "Duty of Care". No one should have to endure these types of cruel taunts.
Sun Jul 18, 10:40:00 PM

Michael P Moore said...
I never post Anonymous comments sent in, but in this case it's worth sharing these two that came in for this story. I suspect they're one of the staff, or the commentors from the Facebook site...

From: Anonymous
Date: 19 July 2010 00:19

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post
Mike for posting this, i will get u, its a small town im going to break ur jaw with my foot
See u soon

Please remove ur doing more damage than u know one of the girls will loose her job because of this, and is a single mother!! Was it worth it for 10 comments,!??
Mon Jul 19, 02:55:00 AM

I Like Rude Girls said...
"Nocturnal Congess" - Gee, you've got a bad bite! Does the phrase "tongue in cheek" mean anything to you?
Mon Jul 19, 06:49:00 AM

Spangled Lady said...
Are these women the stupidest bunch of idiots or what? These Facebook postings will be there forever to follow them wherever they go job hunting. Who would ever want to employ a workplace bully too stupid to realise the enormous harm she has done to her future career? A salutory lesson to anyone writing scandalous and libellous nonsence on Facebook.
Mon Jul 19, 09:30:00 AM

Doug John Sainsbury (via Facebook) said...
Don't get rid of the page. Let them suffer in their jocks for their immaturity. I'm surprised a mother would be such an idiot.
Mon Jul 19, 02:16:00 PM

Andrew Williams (via Facebook) said...
Good thing Doug I'm not in the 90% group even though I have my momentary lapses lol! For a young bloke you seem pissed off with the human race's lack of evolution? Scary thing is your post is a plagiarism of the intelligent mindset of those who see the vanity in our existence and the continuous mess that the human race puts itself in (that is my theory). No need wanting to rush a holocaust. It'll happen eventually. Civilisations rise and fall and it is guaranteed to happen eventually unless our creators from Nibiru come and change things in 2012 (if you're into that sort of thing)! In the meantime I feel we should enjoy our lives (whilst not being ignorant), try to help others, be loving toward our family and people that deserve it, so maybe the positive aspects of our personalities can be observed and emulated by others. This is my theory anyway. Take care :)
Mon Jul 19, 02:21:00 PM

Doug John Sainsbury (via Facebook) said...
Haha Andrew. Bad night last night. Sorry I wrote in such bad emotionless spirit. I should watch out how I come across to people, hehe.Yea, I'm quite angry with the human race's lack of evolution, and disrespect to the theory of it. It's like people aren't even wanting to try. Generally, most are getting caught in dillusional ways of thinking. This picture sort of represents that for me.On the case of Nibiru, I've heard a fair bit about it, but there's so much contradicting chaos within the information given about it from people, that I can't make up my mind whether it's true or false. Regardless, I do hope it'll happen. Even if I die, it'd be an incredible thing to see. You're very correct anyway Andrew. I've been taking on more of that helping-hand path lately. Just doing things for people without any reward, and growing much closer to my family & friends. I just see so much stupidity here, and damn, it puts me on the edge a lot of the time. I get sick of hearing people say they care about their kids, yet within their ignorance, they're just helping hand a genocidal, suicidal civilization to the next gen, without even a fight. It's just sad. You try and explain it to some people as well, and they lose interest within the first minute that you're talking to them about it.Plato made a pretty good point. I can't quote exactly, but he basically said it's dangerous to run a democracy when most people are not politically minded. Yes, this civilization will fall, but will it be able to rebuild into something new afterwards? We seem to be doing real long term damage to the planet. Depleting its food sources, degrading animal evolution by changing their hunting instincts to "show attention to the human for a bowl of cat food", if not, making animals extinct through land-degradationg, and oil spills. Emitting co2 into the atmosphere, degrading land soil through using pesticides, degrading ourselves through not eating organic, degrading our own evolution by using technology that helps us to not think and not strive as hard for things. I don't know. There's so much stuff that needs to change.But in the end. You're very very correct Andrew. Civilizations will rise and fall, and it is guaranteed to happen eventually, no matter what... I should probably take the note from your book, haha. You sound like you know a lot of what's going on already. Just that you manage to keep a calm logical mind about it. That's a hell of an achievement.
Mon Jul 19, 02:27:00 PM

Ailie said...
Well done Mike, that 'Anon' comment just put the icing on the cake, absolute gold!I'm sure the police would love to see that assault threat...
Mon Jul 19, 04:18:00 PM

Ailie said...
To Andrew and Doug, I share you worries too, you're not alone.I find there is a definately lack of respect, courtesy and consideration these days. It's all about me, me, me, me, me and more me. I've long thought that it would make the most amazing change to the world if people just started caring about each other instead of constantly competing, trying to get one up or putting people down to feel better about themselves. I have no doubt too that this civilisation will fall, my fear is that it will take a lot of innocent people down with it :(
Mon Jul 19, 04:25:00 PM

Curly Josephine said...
To whoever wrote expressing concern about a single mothers chances of finding employment....your altruism and empathy is to be commended. I, once showed those same qualities when a young single Mum I was working with in the Public Service called me over to show me a video clip on her PC of a man buggarising a donkey.I went white with shock while she stood there laughing. "Oh I just love the look on your face!" she said, as I staggered away.I never said anything to anyone, although I noticed the young single Mum was showing that same clip to some of the clients who visited the Government office, right at the front counter.I never said anything because I knew she was a single Mother, even though I was shocked and revolted by her behaviour..Sure enough, someone in the management found out...I suspect it was one of the male clients this single Mum was showing the clip to.So...of course I was "blamed" for telling tales and ended up receiving quite some abuse from this single Mum.Oh...she had a tiny little rap on her knuckles from the Management, but at the same time a whole heap of police officers who had downloaded some girlie pics were all sacked. The moral of the story is not to make silly allowances for single Mums. They have to behave the same way the rest of us do in the workplace.
Fri Jul 23, 08:50:00 PM

Alison Alloway said...
Andrew, I agree with your statement, "... try to help others, be loving toward our family and people that deserve it..". However, all too often today, kindness and generosity is viewed as a weakness, attracting special treatment from the bully boys and girls. Ditto genteel manners and behaviour. Soft, genteel women in particular are really copping it bad in the workplace...and their tormentors are almost always other women....see Curly Josephine's story above.
Fri Jul 30, 11:32:00 PM

Dominic Martinez said...
You're a 10cent tough guy Mike. History will mock you and you backward attempts at legitamising your work.Dominic Martinez
Sun Aug 01, 11:18:00 AM