Monday 19 July 2010

Australian Luddite, moving Australia forward

A brand new party is contesting the 2010 Federal election....
  • "At the Australian Luddite Party we are confident that we know what is best for every Australian.

    We have conclusive research that shows that after 20 years of unfiltered Internet access, every Australian man woman and child will transform into a depraved sub-human any time now.

    The clock is ticking Australia. You must vote for us so we can decide what you can read and view. It's the only way to stop the Internet from destroying every Australian working family. It's time to ease the squeeze caused by the death like grip that the Internet has on us all.

While the Australian Luddite Party is clearly satirical, the idea of democratic governments building secretive censorship controls into everyone's internet access, isn't very funny. If you would like to know more Open Internet and Filter Free Portal.

While Labor clearly doesn't want mandatory ISP filtering to be an election issue due to the controversy it brings, it's too important to forget about until after the election.

If you are concerned about managing your family's access to Internet content, then software you can install on your own computer is far more useful than a forced centralised model. It's important to understand that no filter can replace supervision of children's internet use. An example of a free content filter can be found at K9.

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