Friday 23 July 2010

Follow the election on Campaign Pulse

The ABC have launched an interactive site for the election, called Campaign Pulse.

It operates in real-time and sources data from numerous polls, and social media blogs, Twitter and Facebook, through "# tags". The service accesses Australia's electoral mood - from the "tried and true opinion poll to experimental social media" sentiment analysis.

There's also web pics, and what's hot and what's not. Here's some of the data I've just extrapolated....
  • 22,429,049 - Australian population
    13,869,021 - enrolled to vote
    9,300,240 - Aussie Facebook users
    1,150,000 - Aussie Twitter users
Tony Abbott
Twitter followers 13,078
Likes on Facebook 8,709
YouTube views 23,646

Twitter followers 26,831
Likes on Facebook 38,693
YouTube views 187,750

Issues Ranking
  1. Education
  2. Environment
  3. Health
  4. Economy
  5. Communications
  6. Jobs
  7. Tax
  8. Family
  9. Immigration
  10. Defence
The average of all polls (Galaxy, Essential , Morgan, Neilsen, and Newspoll) @ July 19th:

- Lib / National 42%
- Labor 39%

Two Party Preferred
- Lib / National 47%
- Labor 53%

Labor $1.24
Liberal/National $3.90

Labor $1.28
Liberal/National $3.50


Realistic said...

which means the Libs have no chance and as such Wazza has no chance of being heard by local, state and federal labor. A vote for Warren is a wasted vote.
I'll vote for Yodie and preference ALP at no.2

KitchenSlut said...

Which means, realistic, the only logical way to vote is always to join an evolutionary herd on a winner?

CRAG said...

Tonight's bedtime story for the kids from uncle John is "Vision";

Once upon a time the people of the great south land of Oz had elected community independents who advised the peoples "Guardian".

After generations of suffering under the criminal serpent gang, the Ozzies had finally thrown off their shackles.

With only three statute laws ...

1.Love God
2.Love Self
3.Love Others as self

Rediscovered was Freedom-Fairness as everyone found that Love indeed was all there is, and as a result of community "Vision" there was

~No unemployment,jobs for everyone

~Plenty of money for everyone

~Free Health Care, No Drugs,No Vaccinations, No Fluoride

~Free and proper Education, Schools went back to basics, Universities were available to all without fees

~Free Energy for all Cars, Homes

~A Return to Family Values, with full time Mothers

~The disadvantaged empowered to be self empowered

All this in just one year of the new Community "Vision" which was;

~The "National Community Bank" replaced all the old private Banks, which had been Bankrupted by their greedy exposure to the 17 Trillion Financial derivatives scam.
The "NCB"operated with Home Mortgages @ 1% Small Business Loans & Credit Cards@ 3%

~Personal Income Tax was abolished, Company Tax was 10% of Gross Revenue

~Council Rates Tax were abolished, and funded by the State

~Pensions were increased by 100%, Social Security wasn't necessary as everyone had a well paying job.

~Vehicle Rego fees were abolished

~Petrol reduced to 80 cents a liter
but hardly used due to free energy.

~State Revenue hunting abolished, No cameras-radar traps

~The age old Rule of Common Law with Trial by Jury reintroduced

~Police became "Peace" advocates

~The original founding fathers State-Commonwealth Constitutions
were reintroduced

~ A "Bill of Rights" was introduced

~Government Bureaucracy removed, no more intrusion in peoples lives

~Elected representatives were held accountable to the Community not to "back room" unelected Party controllers.

Once implemented everyone's spendable income was increased by 80%, Confidence was stimulated, the Economy Invigorated

The National Community Bank and the 10% GST Funded the "Vision"

All this happened because the Community Guardian pledged in his oath of office "so help me God "

:John: Babet Community Reformation Action Group(CRAG)

Realistic said...

John - political comment is not your thing. May I suggest something more suitable ? Pick up a big old potato bag, fill it with lots of big rocks, and start jogging with it slung over your shoulder between Cairns and Babinda. You see old mate, thats what crazy people up here do - and poor old Tarzan only has a few good years left in him.

Fomenco Fan said...

Hey, Realistic, where do you get off? Slagging off old Michael Fomenco! Tarzan to you. One of the toughest men God ever put breath into, and too smart to carry rocks.

Have a go at John Babble, by all means. He's asking for it!