Sunday 1 November 2009

Fixed and ready to build a $35m waterpark with this!

Looks like Freebody got his 1979 Kato dozer fixed after his cowboy antics two weeks ago, digging up a river system.

This photo was snapped at the Dillon Road site, a day after Cairns Regional Council narrowly approved the waterpark, with 47 additional conditions, promoted by former Cairns Councillors Paul Freebody and Kathy Plath.

Let's just hope they're not in charge of the marketing and brochures.


Smithfield Bam Bam said...

the machine works so why not use it??
does it have to be a new model to build the park? Come on MM your just being a knob.

dallas said...

It's an excavator, not a dozer.

That kind of inaccuracy is expected from the Cairns Post

Dallas said...

It's an excavator, not a dozer.

And, no they are not the same thing nor is near enough good enough.

Sno Bonneau said...
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Veritas said...

Dallas, now that you have determined that a dozer is not an excavator and that Michael Moore erred, shall we summarily execute him at dawn or shall we give him another chance?
Small minds are consumed by frivolous peripheral issues, a little like Nero fiddling while Rome burned. I am afraid that that you fall into this category.

Max Brown said...

So Christ is blessing this venture?

What the F@#K has Freebody being a christian got to do with it? Oh yes, he is hoping for a parting of the waters around his little bund.

And sheeet, if we still need all these jobs to get us out of recession, I pity poor Cairns.We will be waiting for quite a while for dat little tonka dozer/caterpillar/loader (whatever)toy to do its job.

These jobs will be years away - action is needed now. But then, the ALP gang of four haven't done much else and toungue-tied Turnour is more about sucking up to the greens to protect HIS job ( and bugga anyone elses) - so perhaps Moses Freebody will be the one to lead us out for the desert.

Jude Johnston said...

Mike, I think someone, other than Sno Bonneau must be using Sno Bonneau's name to post on this blog. Can you check, cos wouldn't like you to get into strife for allowing "impersonation".

Dallas said...

Veritas – daughter of the god of strength, justice and good harvest (no longer from the delta canfields), mother of virtue and all that is good, the goddess of matters of fact - I was mistaken that you of all people would appreciate truth in the discussion. I too, like all the other non-gods, am frequently wrong, mistaken in matters of fact and blissfully ignorant until advised otherwise. Each time this happens my tiny little mind expands a bit.

In this there is no shame, tis only when we do not learn from our mistakes that we should chastise ourselves.

Frivolous? Peripheral? Why then Veritas does this piece of equipment seem to be the centre of attention? Would an assessment of the impacts of this proposal on the hydrology and hydraulic characteristics of the delta be frivolous because they are considered by some to be the same thing? Would considering the cumulative impact of allowing similar developments (given the precedent set by this one) be peripheral to our environment, our society and economy?

Given your heritage Veritas, I didn’t believe you’d be afraid of the whole truth or can you not bring yourself to look in that mirror.

Michael Jackson said...

Barron Delta issues aside if people want to through their money away, that's fine as long as the community aren't the ones bailing them out...

Douglas Doug said...

Freebody abused council weeks ago for "delaying" his project and whinged that he'd have to wait after rainy season to start.

Today in the Compost we learn that Freebody doesn't even have the dosh to build this thing. He claims to have $17M, but since he's been lying all along clearly that's a lie, too.

This damn thing will never be built. Mark my words.

Thaddeus said...

Douglas Doug, I am inclined to agree. Freebody has the support of the media and the zit faced crowd on Facebook, and knows he can blame the "witches and bitches" for whatever he wants to.
All the ingredients are ripe for him to pull a real swifty. Yeah, watch him!!!

Clifton Ratbag said...

Freebody has made a not-to-subtle appeal for investors in the ComPost. It would seem the few "deep pockets" in Cairns have decided this project is a dud.

It would also seem that Freebody isn't aware of the ASIC laws on investor solicitations, known as the 20/12 rule. He's only allowed to have a maximum of 12 investors, and only allowed to approach 20 to get them. His "prospectus" which is floating around town isn't anything near ASIC law compliant. He's looking more and more like Storm everyday.

Perhaps he'll be able to work at the waterpark on some kind of "prisoner rehab" programme.

looselips said...

I sat next to paul freebody and his wife at a forum held by jim "mumbles" turnitup , and did not know who they were until I introduced myself.
I asked what he did for a living and he said I am building a waterpark for x amount of millions , I asked what a consortium and he said no just my money .
I am a bit shocked to see him pleading for investors now .