Tuesday 24 November 2009

Are there aliens inside the Cairns Post?

More brilliant journalism from the Cairns Post. Yet another exclusive.

Missed this one, I was too busy writing about a little radio station drama.

The Clayton's story, when you haven't got a story. I'm convinced the whole thing was made up by that naughty Daniel Bateman.

  • Strange lights spotted over Kuranda
    Monday, November 23, 2009 © The Cairns Post

    DID you see a strange orange light over Kuranda last night? The Cairns Post has been contacted by a local resident who describes seeing a strange yellow light about 7pm, which she suspected was a meteorite.

    Did you see the strange light over Kuranda last night? Do you know what it was?

    Let us know by
    posting a comment. Did you catch the strange phenomenon on camera?
    Share your picture.

    "There were about seven of us that saw it so it wasn't just me," Kay, who did not want her surname printed, said.

    A similar
    strange sighting was reported in August, when six unidentified lights were seen "dancing" across the night sky in Cairns. That sighting, reported by several Mooroobool residents, remains unexplained.

I mean to say, there's always little unexplained lights floating over Kuranda. Just ask Syd ;-)

While I'm at it, there was another Post gem online yesterday. The "story" was entirely based on MP Jim Turnour's Twitter message, and we all know how much we look forward to Jim's tweets! Here's an extract.

  • Treasurer told of Cairns' needs
    Monday, November 23, 2009 © The Cairns Post

    CAIRNS city leaders have told Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan of their wishlist during a meeting in Canberra this morning.

    In a Twitter update just before 11am, Leichhardt MP Jim Turnour said the meeting with the Federal Treasurer had just finished.

    “Good meeting Advance Cairns and Ministers in Canberra,” he wrote.

The Post left out the rest of the Twitter message from Jim, which said: "Just finished discussions with Treasurer "

Gripping stuff. Stay informed with the Daily that brings you the news.

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