Saturday 21 November 2009

Turnour the Twit-ter

I'm on Twitter. So is Cook MP Jason O'Brien, who just joined the instant social messaging service. His last tweet was...

"Long, hard day discussing education and justice with QLDs indigenous Mayors. Plenty of work to follow up on. How many days to xmas?"
from web

Inspiring Jase. However, the most active local Member who's been twittering for months, is Jim. Pick your favorite Jim Turnour Tweet. My personal favourite is:

"Unemployment to hight at 8 per cent need continued stimulus and diversification".
from txt

What the? Or, how about...

"$3.8 million in funding for 10 projects in QLD as part of a major economic stimulus push through heritage conservation was announced today... These regional projects will not only generate local jobs but provide a solid investment in the preservation of local historic icons." from web

Hmmm, the demolished Cairns Yacht Club springs to mind.

...and then there's...

"Parliament alive talking with local schools about parliament and my jobs as a Member."
from web


Vlasta Eriksson said...

Thx for that got some good contact to follow

Thronton On Spence said...

You may have gathered from my various Blogs that I am not a Labour Party supporter. This guy Turnour is a complete fraud. Does he honestly believe that posting this utter crap on Twitter justifies his existance. I cannot believe his own Party or the PM would support him. He is a joke.

Tony Hillier said...

Jim's twittering was picked up by the Strewth column in The Australian!