Monday 9 November 2009

Jones and Joyce ranting on about the ETS

Here's Senator Barnaby Joyce chatting to Alan Jones last Thursday about the ALP's emissions trading scheme.


Skins said...

I didn't think it was a rant.
Isn't it a pity that we are only now having the debate regarding AGW & Labors industry killing & higher taxing ETS.
Much to KRudd's displeasure.
Now if you really want to see a rant then you should read/see KRudd's speech to the Lowy Institute last week.
No mention of that here though?

Al said...

Froot loops aka conspiracy theorists abound!

Skins said...

Constructive debate put up there Al. Or just one of your rants?

Skins said...

Al you there?

Paul said...

As soon as I see the accusation "Conspiracy Theorist" thrown around, I know no further learning will take place, or indeed is even possible.