Monday 16 November 2009

Jim Turnour challenges Warren Entsch and his ability

Sitting Federal Labor MP for Leichhardt, Jim Turnour, spoke with CairnsBlog today about Warren Entsch and his return bid for politics to topple the first-term MP for his old job.
"I'm just going to get on with the job basically," Jim Turnour told CairnsBlog today, in light of Warren Entsch's successful pre-selection by the Liberal National Party.
"I think Warren in many ways is yesterday's man. He had ten years to do the sorts of things that I'm working on now in terms of strengthening and diversifying the economy," Turnour says.
"I can't point to one major economic infrastructure project that Warren Entsch delivered within 12 years. I now look forward of putting my record of two years up against his 12 years of representation. I don't believed he achieved a great deal."
"It's less than two years since Warren Entsch retired, and people have said this to me, they're questioning his commitment. How long is he in it for this time? Is he around for one term or two terms? What's his commitment to the electorate? Because we have the worst unemployment in the country and there's no silver bullet solution to this. It's going to require effort from the private sector, along with local, state and federal governments."
"I want to be around for the long term and that's my commitment to the electorate, and you know, I don't know whether he can make that commitment. Warren will be 60 [years] by the time the next election is called," Turnour says.
"He basically made it clear that he will appose the Southern Access Road upgrade. That's a $150 million commitment that he didn't make at the last election. As part of this, we're doing planning for the next 30 years. He needs to clarify where he stands on that as this is a lighting rod issue at the next election for the Southern suburbs of Cairns."
"My main priorities being tackling the unemployment problem we've got here. A major part of that is obviously our economic stimulus plan which is building schools, improving roads, 300 social housing in the electorate," Turnour said.
"I'm focused on rolling that out trying to make sure that we get those projects under way as quickly as possible. At the same time I'm looking at some of the longer term options to strengthen and diversify the economy. I think we are over-dependant on tourism," Turnour believes.
Turnour cited the developments at James Cook University with the new dental training school and a new marine skills training facility, as progress he has made.
"I think we can become a real education hub for the Pacific and Asia region. We are also developing opportunities in PNG for an LNG project and the mining sector as well."
"The other thing before parliament at the moment is climate change. I believe humans are having an impact on climate change and they want us to take action. Clearly there are sections of the opposition who are skeptical about that."
"Warren Entsch needs to make it clear whether he supports action on climate change, and whether he supports our Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme or effectively support Malcolm Turnbull."
"Does he believe an emissions trading scheme should go through the parliament, or is Warren a climate change skeptic? I think this is an important question that people in Cairns will want to know."


Turnour Rating - ZERO! said...

Turnour is an empty suit. He's got the usual pollie playbook, promising roads before one election and then, to remind us, starting construction just before the next election. It's a sad old trick and fools fewer and fewer everytime. Sure we've gotten KRudd "stimulus" money for schools, just like everyone else. Nothing Turnour did. And with Cairns unemployment scraping 15%, what is it that Jim's done SPECIAL for the region? Nothing. Zero. Nada. He's sat on his hands while Cairns has spiraled into depression.

There has been not one "economic diversification" program announced, despite several respected business people in town with unfunded projects in computers, technology, music studios, media production. All projects the banks refuse to give a leg-up. Where was Jim? Down at Barnacle Bill's restaurant announcing a new chef apprentice.

Jim Turnour is an empty suit.

Thornton On Spence said...

So Jim Turnour is questioning commitment and tenure. What a joke. If there is one person who you know is just picking up the paycheck and surviving as best he can it's our Jim "What Me Worry" Turnour. I am disgusted that we have to resurrect an old hand rather than have some talent in the wings. It is still a much better option for the Region than a Member who has done absolutely diddly for Cairns and watched it's unemployment increase and then along comes Kevin Rudd and his Team of ex Trade Union so called experts to investigate why there is high unemployment and Jim suddenly is taking credit. He is a joke and a disgrace and I for one hope he bites the dust and goes back to his Public Service Job. At least Warren has business accumen and has made his own fortune as opposed to Jim who has no idea as he has been a Public Servant where the main skill base is looking busy.

Al said...

"Warren has business accumen?" Is this a wind-up? Ask the share-holders of CEC what they think about Entsch's business accumen. Like their shares; a big fat ZERO!

Bryan Law said...

When Jim was running for Leichhardt in 2007 he attended a meeting of some 20 Peace by Peace supporters. He was told about the (then $43 Billion) weapons acquisitions program of the Howard government and asked what he could do about promoting nonviolent alternatives to war. He was open that he didn’t know much about the issue, but he “liked to think his heart was in the right place” and said that he would help address peace issues as an MP.

In the January after he won office I asked his help in getting the Defence Minister to answer a letter (about Pine Gap and the US alliance). I gave him a copy. That’s all – answer a letter. He couldn’t do it. The letter remains unanswered.

Within a year the Rudd government had increased weapons acquisition to $100 Billion, changed the legislation to further protect Pine Gap against peace activists, and remains even more deeply mired in Afghanistan. Turnour voted for all of it.

Jim Turnour may be right. His heart might be in the right place (centre of his chest cavity), but his backbone, spirit, and ability to represent his constituents is woefully under-developed. He clearly wants peace and social justice activists to vote against him next year, and I believe that desire can be accommodated.

nocturnal congress said...

"AT least Warren has business acumen.." so says Thornton on Spence. BWAH HAHAHAHAHA!! What, Thornton, are you referring to Entsch's directorship of CEC since 2006???? We all know what has happened to CEC.

Thaddeus said...

Well Bryan Law, you can gratefully vote in an ex "NARM" veteran if you like. On the same subject, why the shit do people use Americanisms to describe one of the ugliest and saddest periods in our bloody history? I'm sure Bryan remembers like I do, the pressures and coercions exerted on young fellas during that period. Those who resisted the "call to arms" were treated with the same savagery and brutality given to homosexuals during that period. Oh how people forget!!!!!! One of my mates did a "bunk" after he got his call-up notice, and was on the run, along with hundreds of other fellas for years. They had a bloody hard time of it, evading the authorities, knowing they couldn't confide in anyone for fear of either being dobbed in or hysterically accused of being a homo. (The 60s was the era of "homo" bashings as well, and Jesus Christ was it savage!!) Decades down the track, we never hear any of this. We never hear of how that illegal war stuffed up the lives of so many young blokes, whether they did service or not. The whole period of Vietnam was a dark and terrible stain on our history.

colin riddell said...

Just saw jim "mumbles" turnour ask the first question of the day in canberra and as he spoke the whole house erupted in laughter ,wow they all know what we know hhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , then the pm had to try to save him and he sat there looking like jimmy.

Northern Beaches Warrior said...

The only thing I remember about Warren during his time in office was how he backed and applauded the efforts of Sno Bloody Bonneau at a time when Sno was SCREWING our community over the rock wall, removal of Upolu Esplanade as a public road, doing dirty deeds by delegate authorities and approving the ghettos of Clifton Waters, Clifton Views, Clifton Seashells, -the glencorp ghettos.

If Warren wants support, on the Northern Beaches, he had better start finding out about what has gone on and wrong here in the last 5 years or he will not be getting our federal vote. Many of the issues have a federal interest such as coastal erosion, climate change and sustainable development and just good old fashion representation be it local, state or federal.

Constance Lloyd said...

I think Northern Beaches Warrior has given Warren clear direction as to where he needs to be active in hius election quest. High end of town and job creation - sure; but also the local issues that have local impact.

I looked at the booth figures from the last Queensland State election and its clear to me (at least) where Wendy lost. NBW you have got it in one! Perhaps Warren should invite you to join his team?