Tuesday 3 November 2009

Roasted and burnt out

Paul Templeton, or Crash as he is known, the author behind the lively and cheeky Cairns Roast blog, has closed shop.

Here's his explanation...
  • "Over the weekend 31-10/1-11 - 2009 some clown[s] hacked/stole log on details and used them to post under my name in a blog that is defunct.

    The Cairns Roast is no longer an active blog. It served it's purpose [keeping me sane during a pretty dark period] and was fun. It was closed in Oct 2009.

    It will not be updated - or maintained.Any blog purporting to be the "roast" or who is using "roast logo" should be viewed with the utmost scepticism. And I am in no way connected with it.

    Thanks to those who let me know what was going on.Crash [the real one]Nov 3rd 2009.

    Now, I would really appreciate it if you'd all just bugger off."

Don't fear however, because Paul also is behind the wonderful Reptipost and Garden Guests blogs.


Ace said...

Shit site anyway!

Paul said...

eh? - what? it was fucking great! you must have been looking at another site - can't have been the roast .. lmfao!.

Paul said...

oh, and I have this one up and looking damned fine - if I do say so myself ..Naked News It's just like the news, but without underpants ... - hey mike, since when did ya start screening the comments?