Friday 27 November 2009

Kevin Byrne considering Cairns mayoral bid

Former Cairns Mayor Kevin Byrne is considering another run for Mayor of Cairns, at the 2012 local body election.
Sources say an announcement is imminent, with a number of Councillors confirming in the last 24 hours that Byrne will make an announcement "any day now."
However, a defiant Kevin Byrne is still playing any announcement close to his chest.
"You never say never to anything," he said this morning in a defamation-free conversation with CairnsBlog author Michael Moore. "You can't predict what will happen in a couple of years. I will keep all my options open."
"Everyone has been running around saying I'm going to run for the [State] seat of Cairns, that I'm going to run for Council," Kevin Byrne said.
"I'm sort of enjoying my relative anonymity these days," Byrne on his mobile, as he left an interview on Locco's radio morning show at 4CA 846AM. Oh, the irony.
Key reasons for an early election bid announcement by Byrne, are seen to scuttle the performing arts centre, State infrastructure projects like the Southern highway upgrade, and the significant cycleway project that is now well advanced, that has come under increased attacks from the conservative side of politics.
In a breakfast speech to 100 business owners at the Hilton on Tuesday, Kevin Byrne strongly attacked Cairns Regional Council, it's management style and direction.
"Nothing is better for someone in public office to open the morning paper and see themselves criticised. It makes you very alert."
"There's no way we will ever see that $250 million performing arts centre happen, not in my lifetime," Byrne said.
He also took aim at the State Government's intention to build a super highway along the Southern access to Cairns, a proposal that paints our main entrance to Cairns with six lane highways in both directions, and is widely decried by many.
The next local government election will be held, at the earliest, in March 2012. However, there is an intention by the State Government to add up to six months to the current tenure, making for a August or September election.
"The reality is my wife a daughter are enjoying me having more time with them," Kevin Byrne told CairnsBlog this morning.
This morning a leaked confidential report has been doing the rounds, about the perilous financial position of the Taipans, that has a bank guarantee by the Cairns Regional Council. It shows that the commercial sporting group is yet again be in debt, aiming to trade out, but have come back to Council seeking support. The timing of the leak will aim to show a Council out of control, and will provide Byrne with more leverage to gain poll position.

Over the last 18 months since his narrow 2008 election defeat, Kevin Byrne has never been out of the media limelight, with an active and deliberate campaign by the Cairns Post to seek his commentary of a raft of matters. By comparison, we've hardly ever heard from former Prime Minister John Howard after his departure from politics, indicating that Byrne will be a comeback kid.
Sources indicate that Byrne has lined up a full team to run on his ticket. This could include many of his old comrades, including Kathy Plath, waterpark dreamer Paul Freebody, Terry James, Kaye Kingham.
Additionally, current Councillor Linda Cooper may well support a Byrne-led campaign. Cooper, who ran under Byrne's ticket in 2008, quickly divorced herself from Unity after being the only one to get elected from the team. Alan Blake, who abandoned his links with Byrne, has fiercely stated that he would not be involved . "I'm independent." he said yesterday.
Kevin Byrne also enjoyed the support of Councillor Sno Bonneau and Paul Gregory, and are seen as his natural supporters.
When Byrne confirms his intent to run, it will be his fourth campaign, and third as Mayor.
Like a washed up movie, in Cairns, it seems as if it's back to the future, with another re-run of old episodes.
Former Mayoral candidate for Council in 2004, Bryan Law, who gained 6% of the vote, said this morning that he welcomed the possibility of Kevin Byrne running again.
"I'd love to see Kevin run again, because I'd like to see him lose again."


nocturnal congress said...

It was just so patently obvious that Byrne intended coming back. No-one ever doubted he was the guiding force behind the vicious campaign undermining the current Mayor.

Denis Walls said...

So, nearly two and a half years out, or three years if it is extended as you indicate, is a long way out for KB to make that call. If true, it's going to make for a longer mayoral campaign, even, than the US presidentials!

Bryan Law said...

I hate to quibble about miniscule numbers Mike, but I actually got 6.7% when I ran for Mayor, and I think that 0.7% deserve respect from you and your ilk. If I was allowed to run for election again I’d expect 10% or more. Alas, recent convictions render me democratically unavailable.

So I’ll just have to get through the 2012 CRC elections as a non-candidate. I loved your KB election sign, but wasn’t it a little harsh on Hitler?

For reasons of historical caprice, we have Val Schier as the Mayor expressing community desires for social sustainability. Our best hope is that she grows into the job over the next few years (Rob Pyne’s recent series gives us a flavour). Those of us who can support such an outcome need to get pro-active ..... or .....

The return of Byrne as Mayor is too ‘orrible to contemplate.

(on the other hand, giving Kevvie grief during an election campaign could be deeply satisfying).

Fiona Tulip said...

Should Kevin be aspiring for Mayoral election again,

Here is a quick quiz for KB…..

After nearly two years being out in the wilderness, we, on the Northern Beaches would be very interested in your opinions on the following simple set of questions.

Please circle your appropriate response to the following questions Kevin, YES/NO

1) Do you still believe that a Category 3 waterway at Clifton Beach is a “drainage easement?”

2) Do you still believe that community meetings at Clifton Beach are “set ups?”

3) Do you still believe that residents of the Northern Beaches are “whingers, trouble makers and neathanderals?”

4) Do you still believe that Sno Bonneau was considered to be a good representative Divisional Councillor for the old Division 11 by his constituents?

5) Do you still believe that the 7 complaints made in writing to CCC in early 2008 were without foundation and do you believe that the serious allegations of misconduct, by not only yourself, but also by our then divisional Councillor Sno Bonneau, but also some Council Officers was correctly dealt with by then Acting CEO, Mr John Hawkes at that time?”. Perhaps, if you had taken seriously our concerns at that time, you may not have lost in the Northern Beaches electorate at the last local government elections.

If you have answered YES to all of the above, then you need to go directly to goal, do not pass go, and do not collect $200!!!!!!. We all live with the legacy of your arrogance, contempt, rudeness, poor behaviour and bad decision making in the approvals under your reign that you so kindly bestowed upon us such as Clifton Views, North, Foley Road, Argentea and the loss of Upolu road, the rock wall, Clifton Cottages, Clifton Waters and Seashells, loss of 3 caravan parks, Paradise Palms MCU, loss of significant conservation areas, loss of Novotel golf course, Buchan Point, the Clifton Beach Shopping Centre, Gold Finch Caravan Park re-design, Mr Palm Cove’s 5 star beachfront resort and new CBD for Palm Cove realignment.

If you have answered NO to all of the above, then you seriously need to win back the trust, confidence and respect of many many residents on the Northern Beaches, and I wish you well in that, because you are going to have to show a side to you that we have not seen before and undergo complete face-about and metamorphosis in your dealings with residents in a courteous and respectful manner, make planning decisions that are sustainable for our environment and that incorporate tropical design, energy efficiencies etc, show some real environmental credentials that have been severely lacking in both the last administration and in this one, and taking resident's concerns/valid complaints into account at all times.

After all, we are paying you to do this job and we want our interests and lifestlye, community and natural environs enhanced by developemnt, not destroyed!

Personally, I do not believe, that leopards change their spots, but I would be happy to be proven wrong in that belief and in your case.

Oliver Redlynch said...

No one ever doubted Kevin will stand again, but has anyone done anything about it? The blatant campaign in the Cairns Post against the mayor has been quite sickening in its mis-representation and vitriol, but has anyone actually spoken out publically SUPPORTING the mayor? NO - coz they know if they do they will also get kicked down by the right wing press and can't afford to do so. Oh, we have a lot to blame Ms Hull for, Val certainly needs a good press officer at the moment. Anyone taking bets on tomorrow's Cairn's Post Headlines?

Dicky Nee said...

QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "This pair of egotistical, self-serving, jelly-gutted, wrinkled old farts swallow packets of Viagra just to hang right in their trousers..." (Thaddeus, commenting on Byrne and Entsch rep-standing for public office.)
Hehe, good one Thaddeus.

I Am The Stig said...

Ahhh the World of a Developer not paying enough? Need to recuperate the lost Superannuation from the failed Management Rights? Missing those trips to the Islands? Need someone to fund your bar tab at Villa Romano? Anonimity not suiting your massive ego? Looking to pot more Brown?

Simple just stand for Mayor again but this time your ego may well be damaged further by an even bigger loss because the rumour is that Alan Blake will be standing too. He can even save money on a Publicity Agent.

Thornton On Spence said...

God forbid. Blake and Byrne for Mayor. It does not bear thinking about. Allow me to throw another name in the ring and this time worthy of consideration. Mayor Coops Cooper. It has a nice ring to it.

Miss Chief. said...

Oh the joy! Jolly Old St. Nick is certainly handing out lumps of coal this festive season!
Having had the misfortune to have been present at a meeting recently where KB aided and abetted WE in team tagging and bullying, I'm not in the least bit surprised to hear that we are to be cursed by a renewed attempt at making Cairns his own private playground again. Frankly, I'd rather have an inexperienced Val than a failed and vicious tongued has been back in power...she can be excused for taking bad advice. KB certainly can't - he made all the mistakes himself without any apologies.

Bryan Outlaw said...

If all the courts have accomplished with serial arsehole Bryan Law is a ban on his holding public office, they've done a great service to the community.

Yo Bryan, how about climbing Byrne's fence and harassing him? Or at least go hold the ladder for a real activist.

KitchenSlut said...

As a consideration for the timing and possible extension of the current council term we are now in a position where the current 3 and 4 year cycle for state and local would mean both elections being held almost simultaneously in March 2012.

Also the problem last time was new councillors coming in at that time of year towards the conclusion of the annual budget process.

Any appropriate extension or alteration should be announced sooner rather than later to avoid the appearance of just another bungled dodgy state guvmint tactic.

hieronymus bosch said...

If val really loved this town, she'd stand aside and let somebody who could actually win stand.

Surely cooper doesn't need to run in big kev's team?

It would be cool if coops ran, just to split the 'tourism drives this car' vote.

Al said...

Hey Kev, an idea!! BIG BILLBOARDS "Vote Kevin Byrne - A soufflé can rise twice".
You haven't got your slimy mate from LHL to fund them now, but maybe Wazza could have a word with Rod. If we can pull it off ... you know that hillslope land high above Earleville ....

It's your money Ralph said...

What's all this with Coops? She's good with PR, but there's no substance. You'll know that by the time we get to the next election

Bryan Law said...

Hey Al! Kevvies already risen twice. Now we're being asked to believe in three times.

Bazza said...

Byrne and his business mates over a decade degraded cairns to the point that tourist's stopped coming and qantas pulled out. they are all so up themselves that they can't accept the fact they do not run this city anymore and never will again.

Jan from Kewarra said...

We had 10 years of Byrne, he was toxic to residents, our communities and environment.

We rightly spat him out 2 years ago.

Why would we go back for thirds?

Palm Cove resident said...

Word on the beaches is that KB and the Mrs are looking for a house in Palm Cove.

A few years ago they ran from Palm Cove after the Mrs got caught inappropriate dealings in real estate at Palm Cove. However, she somehow managed to dodge the full force of the law, but did get disqualified from ever being able to manage property in the state of Queensland.

Perhaps Byrne is thinking that he can mingle with NB residents again and gain their favour...........

Anonymous said...

We might as well dig up Bjelke Pedersen while we are at it...

Wonder if Gavin King will stand by his comment on 4CA a while ago, that he did not think it was a good idea for Byrnes to run again.

Thornton On Spence said...

Kevin Byrne moved from Palm Cove to Redlynch to a new house that was built by Tom Hedley I recall. Funny that! He then found it was too far to travel with all his Social Commitments so inflicted himself on the good folks of Whitfield. This was not too far to travel after a long lunch at that excuse for an Italian restaurant Villa Romano. So I wonder why he would want to move back to Palm Cove especially as the home of his legendary boys only parties is no longer available due to new Management Rights.

Jude Johnston said...

Thornton on Spence, perhaps if he is on the come back trail, he may be strategically placing himself back in Palm Cove to garner support both for himself and for his candidate of choice for Div 10 After all it was the Northern Beaches that had the biggest swing against him.

Palm Cove resident said...

I agree Jude Johnston. Oh what a tangle web we weave......

Now think back a few weeks when we were all scratching our heads as to why Cochrane and Blake pulled a fast one and passed a motion to renew the contracts of Tabulo and Gardiner for 5 years, just before the new CEO came on board.

Has the penny dropped yet?

Factman said...

Quoting Rob Pyne ...
"When Council moved into ‘open session’, Councillor Cochrane’s motion, to employ both Peter Tabulo and Bruce Gardiner on five-year contracts was moved. The hands of those in favour went up: Margaret Cochrane, Paul Gregory, Sno Bonneau, Linda Cooper and Nansky Lanskey extended their hands, and to the casual observer they seemed one short, as Alan Blake was not with them, but looking ahead, Val Schier’s hand was extended."

Facts please, Palm Cove resident Facts please ...


KitchenSlut said...

I'm surprised the top photo hasn't come in for comment or even previously been posted on Cairnsblog for suggested captions?

Is KB really somewhat like Narcissus here captivated by his own shadow?

“Narcissus so himself himself forsook, And died to kiss his shadow in the brook.” - Shakespeare

Postman Pete said...

Funny Bryan, you were hoping KB comes back so you could see him fall, I was hoping a US navy ship comes back to see you jump into the inlet again, only this time you might get to meet one of the friendly resident inlet locals (fingers crossed).
Seeing you chased by a big saltie... Priceless !
Go back down south where you belong you stupid twit

Dicky Nee said...

Wonderful quote there, KitchenSlut.
KB does look smitten with his own shadow.

Fiona Tulip said...

The photo taken of KB, was taken at the infamous "set up" which was a community meeting held by the CBCA back in early 2008. All prospective divisional candidates for Division 10 were invited to the meeting to meet the residents of Clifton, Palm Cove and Buchan Point.

This was the meeting whereby Mr Byrne made the fatal mistake of heaping praise on the achievements of Mr Sno Bonneau (who was not in attendance, no surprises there though), which resulted in the 100 or so people present, rising out of their seats and boo hooing Mr Byrne's comments. Silly Kev, did not see that one coming.......

On hearing this, Mr Byrne, grabbed his candidate, man handled him out of the room, and was heard saying as they were leaving...

"this is a set up"

scoopy said...

Oh Dear poor Kevin, know one seems to like you, what happened, you were always such fun.