Wednesday 25 November 2009

Give us more money for the tennis centre and Tiapans

Today's Closed Council session hot potatoes will be the revelation that the Cairns Taipans are not doing financially well.

A financial report will be requested today, that will show the Taipans beefed up predictions when they sort to gain support of a $1m bank guarantee from Cairns Regional Council. However, it's not going to plan and they are way behind with income they expected. Put up your hand if you're surprised.

One long-haired blond Councillor said at the time, that although she didn't support it, would vote for the guarantee "if it keeps them going for a couple of years."

Also, the controversial Tennis Centre planned for North Cairns on the land adjoining Tobruk Swimming Pool, will also go back to a closed session today, seeking a "variation" to the original approval of $1.5m.

This is unfortunately all too common. A contract gets the stamp, then comes back a few weeks or months and asks for money money.

Another day in the halls of power.

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Raj Patel said...

The original council contribution for the centre was going to be $660000  how it is up to $3000000 and climbing  is beyond my understanding TOOWOOM BA COUNCIL   contributed $400000 for a similar centre  .i wish my bank would give me money like the way the council hands it out! based on dreams.