Sunday 22 November 2009

A video for our Japanese friends who visit Cairns

Spotted this on FNQ Home, about a wonderful road safety campaign that would go down a treat in Cairns, along McLeod and Spence Streets for a start.

The message is simple.

"We made the film without initially telling who we were, but we really needed your undivided attention. So we chose not to clutter the message in any way," the producers said.

It’s a bicycle helmet campaign, put together by Aalborg Council in Denmark with the North Jutland Police and Danish Cyclists Federation.

"Our story of love and humanity throughout the web, with your support we’ve been able to promote the usage of helmets worldwide," so say those behind the campaign.

"Everyone got the point, and we didn’t have to say a single word," they say. "And just to make things clear – the film was made with real people, real cops and real love."

Brug cykelhjelm, fordi vi elsker dig. [translate]

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