Tuesday 10 November 2009

Ian Macdonald and Kevin Byrne are now friends

From: Facebook@facebookmail.com
To: Michael Moore Mike @CairnsBlog.net
Date: 10 November 2009 14:46
Subject: Ian Macdonald added a friend that you suggested...

Senator Ian Macdonald and Kevin Byrne are now friends.

You suggested this friendship. You can suggest more people that Kevin may know.

The Facebook Team

For the record, I also suggested a bunch of ALP members, and a cat named Fritz.


George said...

I asked kevin to be a friend years ago before Facebook was even invented and what a success it has been to my business in Cairns.

Being a friend of Kevin means so much even if I did have to ply the fat c*** with whopping glasses of red at my iconic reastaurant!

Be a friend of Kevin if you can! Trust me dollars will follow but be prepared to throw a few bucks his way too! It's only fair?

P.S. The fact that I am a Greek means nothing to the authenticity of my Italian restaurant.

Thornton On Spence said...

Interesting....Kevin only has 15 friends on his Facebook. Surely his popularity has not diminished that much. There are at least 15 friends who gather at that insult for an Italian Restaurant Villa Romano to fawn over him each day. I also note that Lance Royce is not listed as a friend.