Sunday 22 November 2009

Caption Contest

Here's bar owner Anthony Brooks, Police Inspector Russell Rhodes, and Cairns Post editor Andrew Webster, sporting a flash new Alan Blake-inspired hair do.

They've collaborated to support Operation Unite, an attempt to solve the region's crime problems, especially as a result of drinking in city establishments.

Maybe banning the Cairns Post from hotels and public venues, after a leaked secret Police report showed the newspaper, through it's editorials and Bateman's Bay feature columns, caused alcohol-fuelled violence with patrons.

With this in mind, you can type the captions in.

  1. "Andrew, ever since Kingi left, it hasn't been the same. It's almost been worth the $1.10."

  2. "Right Webster, I'm charging you and this other dude, with wilful neglect of a newspaper for putting a 20-year-olds in charge of the serious bits. You have the right to remain stupid, and ignore your editorials."

  3. "You get one Journaliod for every free drink on entry. Not a bad deal for $19.99!"
  4. "Yes this is serious, we simply cannot have your newspaper left littered around the place. Last week an 17-year-old was caught in the toilets with it, and is now up on a charge of distributing class A drugs."

  5. "Well, it was first just the girlie pix, then the ones of Kerie Hull. Then I progressed to the ones of Val, and now that hottie Lynn Russell is on the front page. Who's next?"

  6. ...........your turn..............


peter bartholomuse said...

Anthony: "The only way to control the drunken hoardes is to wank all over 'em"
Russel: "That usually works for me, too"
Andrew: "Can we get a money shot of you in action?"
Anthony: "sure,are you ready?"

Gavin Bland said...

Mate it's serious. They are out of control. Last night we put on Nutbush at max and not one of em got into line.
Maybe it's time to bring back Johnno?

Dutchie said...

AW: "Brooksie, you can talk all you like, we are going to publish what suits the police agenda anyway"