Friday 27 November 2009

Facebook free advertising without your permission

Colin Riddell alerted me that from today Facebook will start using personal photos and your name links in advertisements.
"They will appear on the profile page of your contacts," Colin says. "It's legal and is mentioned in the fine print when you create your account."
It's easy to stop this. Do the following. Go to Settings, Privacy Settings, News Feed and Wall, then click on Facebook Ads, choose "No one" and save changes. There's two places to do on that page.
Facebook says this setting controls social adverts shown. "To control social adverts shown by third party applications on Facebook, please refer to the privacy setting."
You can also learn more about advertising in their Help Centre.


Vickie said... replies to your Facebook page sometime.
I left you a link several days ago. As usual with these things, it's a rumour and untrue. First rule of journalism...Check your source.

Michael P Moore said...

Vickie, there are two different things about Facebook security. I have hightlighted how users can manage their settings and the potential for advertisers to have access.