Monday 16 November 2009

Say goodbye to your mum for me

Rove McManus said goodbye to his 10-year TV show on air Sunday night, with that being his last.

“It was a difficult call to make but after ten years it felt like time to step away from the show and take a break to properly reflect on what I want to do next as a performer," McManus said on the show.
Actually, I think the Rove's programme should have ended a few years ago, when it became trashy and hardly worth a few more Gold Logies.
Why is it so hard to see genuine true talent on local TV, the likes we saw in true performers like Graham Kennedy, Shaun Micallef, Barry Humphries or even Bert Newton. Most wasn't scripted and there wasn't an army of PR hacks and cheap live crosses to God-knows-who making cheap personal insults at someones expense. With the advent of rubbish brain-dead 'reality TV' soon after Rove started his variety show, we've been turning off the box in droves.
Nevertheless, Rove had his following. Trashy telly seems to satisfy a fast-food generation, but we're still left feeling hungry afterwards.
May he rest in piece.

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Paul said...

Bert newton? Bert fucking Newton? lmfao ... Now I know why ya love me Mike ... Bert Newton, you and the rest of white Australia ... lmffffffffffao