Sunday 22 November 2009

If you can't beat em, txt 0428 235 660

The first one was sent way back in 1993.

Text messaging via mobile phones, is a rather recent tool, that was slow to be embraced initially, however by 2000, 17 billion SMS messages were sent. The following year, is snowballed to 250 billion, which doubled in 2004, representing around 100 text messages for every person on the planet. Last year 4.1 trillion SMS messages were sent, an industry worth over 81 billion dollars globally.

How did we survive before?

The biggest txt'ers are the Philippines, who send on average 27 every day, followed closely by Singapore, and South Korea.

A number of studies have proven that txt messaging has "addictive tendencies." University of Queensland found that text messaging is the most addictive digital service, and is equivalent in addictiveness to cigarette smoking. I wonder if it can harm your pregnancy as well?

With all that said, you can now txt CairnsBlog, or even telephone and leave a message, with your latest tip or scandal that you think needs airing. Save 0428 235 660 into your mobile, so you can get your word out with no bullshit. And, no, I'm not starting a brain-dead TXT Post-like column.

Of course, you can still email the old fashioned way. But email is so passé.

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