Thursday 19 November 2009

This local birthday girl can pull a few strings

You might not recognise the young girl in the photograph. It's local Peace by Peace activist, Margaret Pestorius who has led many an anti-war protest over the years.

However, this weekend, she turns to music to get her message across. This is what Margaret used to do as a proper young lady, before she wanted to change the world.

"It's my birthday so, I would love to invite everyone to hear me play in a performance of the Strings of the Cairns Concert Orchestra," Margaret Pestorius says.

This Sunday, 2.30 at the Colonial Club, there's a special recital of the String orchestra Concert. You'll find the venue round the back, in Behan Street, at the Conference Centre.

They'll be performing Corelli Christmas Cantata, and Mendelssohn Sinfonietta, Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in D minor, with Kirtley Leigh Payne as the leading soloist.

Entry is $17 and $10 concession.

"I am the special guest in the the Mendelssohn Sinfonietta," Margaret says. "Its got a big viola solo bit in the middle movement. Come along and see what I used to get up to before you knew me."


Bryan Outlaw said...

Since Margaret and her serial arsehold partner Bryan Law think it's OK to disrupt people going about their day-to-day business, I'm thinking we should all go down and disrupt this concert on behalf of the rational members of the community that find her actions deplorable.

A little taste of their own medicine would serve them right.

Bryan Law said...

Margaret Pestorius is a seriously good musician, and i recommend the concert to everyone.