Monday 4 February 2008

Kathy Plath has to be joking

If you're running for Council, watch out if you're putting out election advertising.

With under 40 days till polling day, the Electoral Commissioner and Returning Officer are watching. Even worse are the CairnsBlog lurkers. We have one in every Division as the campaign now gets into full swing!

Sitting Councillor Kathy Plath, of the ullustrious Unity Team, has just circulated this fine piece of marketing.

After 4 years on Council, Kathy should know better to check her advertising material before littering residents' letterboxes.

Kathy is running in Division 5 against sitting independant Councillor Alan Blake, Richie Bates of the Cairns 1st alliance, and second-time hopeful, Thelma Spelta.

Some Councillors I spoke to referred to Kathy as "missing in action".

Matching the appalling quality of the Unity Party's website, here's Kathy's flyer that was delivered over the weekend to residents.

Let alone the poor design, the number of punctuation, spelling, grammar and other mistakes is so bad it's laughable. We've counted 17.

Also, check out the photo of Kathy: caught short but still 'getting on with the job' !

The Division 5 resident that dropped this copy into the CairnsBlog office last evening said these photos of Kathy are very special. "It's Kathy Plath on one of her rare forays around her electorate!" said Mary-Anne of Bungalow.

"It's interesting to note that she intimates she self-funded the footpath she appears to be crapping on!!"

Now, now Mary-Anne.

We'll let the leaflet do the talking. Burp.


Anonymous said...

Kathy, the Squatter, Plath has been missing-in-action in her role as Australia's female 007, that she has been in an undercover millitary-slash-spy role in remote parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan seeking out and exterminating Al-Quada bosses. Note well that a senior AlQuada boss was killed recently - Plath, now she has accomplished her latest mission she is back in Cairns to contest the local Council elections. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Criticisms of Australian grammar, spelling, and punctuation is a cheap shot, Mr. Moore.

One has only to read any news story, pamphlet, or even building signage to realise that Australians generally are very poorly educated. Only one of my seven staff can write a memo without spelling and grammatical errors - and she's NOT among the University graduates!

And as your republished emails from Paul Freebody show, none of these current councillors are very well educated.

Face it, among candidates from anywhere in Cairns there are no "mental giants".

Anonymous said...

i Cant' cee any Think rong with This#at awl, U r sooo just beeing meen?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the same person who worked on Suzanne's going away cake( pictured on this Blog last week) has now moved on to designing leaflets?

Anonymous said...

kAthY PLaTh - a SUffisTikatEred meMbEr oF ThE DiSUnitY TEem.

Anonymous said...

Who is this "Kathy Getting" and why can't she spell?
Is she related to councillor Freebody, maybe they had the same English teacher?
Does she have anything to do with the Kathy that was campaigning at the Edge Hill IGA (division 7) last week?

Anonymous said...

Indeed it is a sad state of affairs. As for aussies sleep during school's comments - I have only had a normal 12 year education, and yet I can write with more integrity than her.

If Paul can't write to save himself, then perhaps he's not the right man for the job either.

If Kathy can't spell, use correct grammar, or, for god's sake, even proof read her material. Then she definately shouldn't be in Council.

Think about it - if they're both too ignorant to even get THEIR OWN PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL right, how are they going to pick up a small, yet important detail on something that is going through Council. Like say, Villa Romano's future extensions..?

Really makes me consider running for Council sometime. It's not out of my sights yet. All in good time.

Anonymous said...

Alright, you've all had your fun.
As someone above said, a large proportion of Australians today cannot write properly and rarely ever read.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous and Aussies Sleep During School, I have to agree with you about the education levels and gramatical levels of most Australians. It is usually of a very poor level. Especially these days with mobile phones and text messaging and chat rooms on the internet. But .... this Kathy is running for a political office. The bare minimum she should have done is shown it to a daughter, nephew or something that she could have looked at this leaflet before printing it. Even the printer should be shot for printing it. If our political leaders cant read and write, what hope do we have.

Anonymous said...

Loved the Kath Plath fiasco, what a shame I am not running against her again!

Anonymous said...

As I am related by marriage to Kath I felt I owed her some loyalty but this is disgusting. Whether the majority of the population can spell is irrelevant. What is relevant is that Kath couldn't be bothered to take the time to ensure the accuracy of this publication. It is just another example of arrogance on behalf of the current regime. For goodness sakes - we have spell check - there is no excuse. BTW - where is "Gove Street"? AAAGGGHHHH!

Anonymous said...

Has Kathy out smarted us? We all read her leaflet, we laughed and we talked about her. I didn't know her from a bar of soap until I saw this leaflet.
It even got it (a free advert) on this blog. Perhaps it was done just for this pupose?? Nah, I don't think so

Anonymous said...


You are right, you couldn't PAY for advertising that spreads this quickly - I even had someone ask me if I'd seen it today, that DOESNT look at this blog!!!

Lets just say this, I know any publicitity is usually good publicity.. but this would be good enough to lose a vote for me. Not that she'd be getting it anyway. Lets hope Linda "COOPS" (You gotta be freakin kidding me) cooper doesnt' present anything this bad.

Anonymous said...

I am a direct descendant of Kathy Plath. My name is purplefrock concretefootpath and i am communicating to you from Plathvegas in the year 2180. In the years to come you will appreciate the enormous contribution to residential walkways that Kathy has made.
Peace be with you.....

Anonymous said...

For once, I agree with anonymous.

This is clearly a Kathy Plath stunt for early brand recognition. Great technique!

It's also a way of shaming the rest of us into attending to our punctuation and spelling.

Let s/he who is blameless cast the first comma!

We'd better watch our p's and q's from now on. This could another election in which spelling is a KEY issue.

Anyone else remember the fable of Dan Quayle, the kid and the potatoe?

Anonymous said...

I think the fact that Kathy Getting has to squat in the middle of the footpath shows this council needs to provide more public facilities.