Thursday 2 April 2009

Langbroek leader, Springborg deputy

Pro-flouridation dentist John-Paul Langbroek, a Gold Coast MP and Shadow Education Minister, is the new leader of the LNP (Liberal National Party).
Lawrence Springborg has also made a surprising re-entry and was elected as his deputy. I mean, if the Opposition truly want a fresh start, they need a new team with the fire in their belly to wake the electorate up. Isn't it obvious that the electorate didn't want the Borg?

Why David Gibson, Shadow Minister for Sustainable Environment and Climate Change, didn't stand is amazing. He's one of the few up the top of the LNP tree with charisma, intellect and the ability to engender change.
Local Cairns LNP candidate Joel Harrop was also a supporter of Gibson for a leadership role. "I think the result reflects the party and the balance it needs between the country [regional] voters and Brisbane / South East," Harrop says. "I wish them the very best and understand that Lawrence's contribution will be invaluable."
An LNP source in Cairns, who asked to remain anonymous, said this is most probably an interim measure. "They need to survive and have stability," he said. "The leadership role is important to still be associated with Springborg, as he needs to protect the new marriage of the Liberal and Nation parties in Queensland. It's that sense of continuity, and holding it all together I think," the source told CairnsBlog. "There are those that probably want to pull it all apart."
The other potential leadership candidate could have been Fiona Simpson, who insists on being called 'Miss'. Fiona would have been a very credible choice for the LNP," the source said.
Meanwhile, Tyson Hayter, a young member of the LNP who worked on Cairns campaign was surprised at the leadership result. "I did NOT expect that!" he said this afternoon. Tyson says he's still waiting for Anna Bligh's 100,000 jobs so he can have one. "I think I'll be waiting a while?"


Doc in Cairns said...

Joel would have been a great member for Cairns. Anyhow, this guy looks and sounds like a Premier:

Anonymous said...

Any comments from Wendy Richardson this new leader.

i have never heard of him?

Antonio said...

JP is dentist?
Wendy should ask him about his stance on fluoride

Doc said...

Mike- I see JP Langbroek has added a new portfolio specifically for North Queensland. AKA - the Portfolio of Northern Development. Fro my memory this si the first time this has been done?

John, Kuranda said...


Under the previous Shadow Ministry of Lawrence Springborg, the LNP Member for Mirani Mr Ted Malone MP was Shadow Minister for Emergency Services and Shadow Minister for Northern Development.

So this demonstrates a continued LNP committment to listening to the needs and aspirations of North Queenslanders.