Friday 3 April 2009

Get grocs* - grumpy Goodsell grandad growls, gut-wrenching giants gouge girl

The Northern Territory News reports that the grandfather of an 11-year-old girl wants every crocodile within 100km of Darwin shot dead.

Surely if you send your child off swimming in a swamp with these ancient creatures are known to reside, you're not even making it difficult for them to look for their dinner.

"Let's kill all the bastards," Winston Anspach said.

"You can't have wild animals walking up the main street. But that seems to be the views of our so-called experts when they say this is the Territory and we should learn to live with crocodiles. We shoot kangaroos and emus and they are on our coat of arms, so why not do it to our crocs?"

I believe that it's the lazy parents that need culling, in educating and looking after their children who live where crocs live.
*NB: Sorry about 'grocs', but I really did need another 'g' word.


Monty said...

The Northern Territory News, yet another Murdoch owned rag, is even funnier, more opinionated and more out of touch than our own Murdoch 'organ' here in Cairns.

T. Asquith said...

There are still a few stilted thinkers around who consider the solution to dealing with any creature that can remotely be dangerous to humans is to pre-emptively kill it (Bob Katter/ Senator Ian McDonald immediately come to mind). Crocodiles are no danger to me and never will be because I do not enter their environment. Neither will I plummet to my death because my parachute failed, or fall off a cliff face because a rope broke. Life has its risks and good luck to those who choose to test the boundaries, but don't complain if your luck runs out, it's simply Darwin's theory of natural selection at work.

Darwin Dickhead said...

This Winston character made the stupid mistake of letting his granddaughter go swimming in a waterhole in Northern Territory, the crocodile capital of Australia.

To take the world of an 11 yr old that there are no crocodiles in this waterhole is just so irresponsible of the grandfather.

Crocodiles have been here for ALOT longer than we have mate. You shouldn't have let her go swimming.

The crocidles shouldnt be culled YOU SHOULD.