Tuesday 24 June 2008

Who's not smiling?

Here's the new line up on the Cairns Regional Council website.

However, one can't but notice, that one Councillor isn't smiling?

You have to wonder why?


Anonymous said...

You would not be smiling either, if your real name was Max Brown.

Anonymous said...

Max Brown?

Don't tell me Sno is associated with the Browns who were prominent in the 'Cairns Cannon Fraud' which is also associated with an Esplanade seafood establishment and a Port Douglas coffee house?

Anonymous said...

Wow Anonymous, and here I was thinking that the Cairns Cannon Fraud was relatively obscure, and which I personally discovered via pillow talk with an ex KPMG accountant (they did the forensic work) while discussing my personal nasty experiences with some others referred to here!

However, although I have no knowledge of any connections with current councillors some subsequent info here would appear to correlate accurately!