Saturday 21 June 2008

Schapelle's hidden truth

Grab some popcorn, a bottle of diet coke, some Babi Guling or Bebek Betutu, and settle in tomorrow evening for Schapelle Corby's The Hidden Truth.

The Nine Network will screen what they are say is an 'explosive two-part documentary, revealing the factual and intimate detail of the arrest, trial and jailing of Schapelle Corby for drug trafficking in Bali.'

The second, and final part, will screen on Tuesday evening.

It's a fly-on-the-wall, warts-and-all account of what happened at every step of the Corby story, caught on camera by independent documentary producer, Janine Hosking, over three and a half years. Hosking has also worked on ABC's Australian Story.

Interviewed are...
- the Customs officer who intercepted her boogie bag;
- the mysterious drug-cultivating neighbour of Mick Corby
- Schapelle's late father, the star witness at trial
- the convicted Australian drug trafficker who visited Corby in jail;
- the Qantas baggage handler;
- Mercedes Corby's Indonesian husband;
- Schapelle Corby's father, brother and two half brothers

In making the doco, Janine Hosking didn't extend any favours to the Coby family, she says. "My sole undertaking to the Corby family was not to release her documentary publicly until Schapelle's case was determined, and all avenues for appeal exhausted."

PART 1 ~ 8:30pm Sunday evening, June 22, WIN TV
PART 2 ~ 8:30pm Tuesday, June 24, WIN TV

Meanwhile, Schapelle was yesterday taken off to hospital sufferring depression. An official said that "there's no explanation about the cause of the depression. Maybe we will get the results tomorrow." I think it's because she's been locked in a cell with 25 others for the next 20 years, me thinks.

PS: enjoyed the show? Think about taking a Schapelle Corby tour

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Anonymous said...

Hi from New Zealand. Is anyone out there ablle to help me with a copy of Shappelle Corby 2 part doco The Hidden Truth please. Happy to pay