Tuesday 17 June 2008

No photo, no photo

Is it just me, or are you too getting sick of those bloody adverts telling us not to take photos of government buildings when travelling?

It's all part of the culture of fear, usually only synonymous with the good ol USA. There refined this art under the guise of "terrorism" over the last 7 years. They've bred a culture of submissive and frightened servants. Obama can't come quick enough. Big governments do this so they can control the minds and behaviours of the weakest. Hitler did it. So did Stalin. Mugabe is up to the same old tricks, and don't get me started on Bush.

Taking photos of government buildings, let alone any significant iconic place whilst travelling, is something that travellers have done for time immemorial. It's how we record our journeys and the history. Such pix are now shared more than ever before on networking and personal online photo sites to share with everyone.

I'm sure there's heaps of smelly English backpackers, with their Wicked campers loaded with three-day old fush n chups, that would love to plot a terrorist attack on the Spence Street Cairns Council offices.

It's time the Government stops wasting millions of prime time tv adverts on some self-serving fear commercials and get on with the business helping those that need our collective help in the community the most.

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