Thursday 26 June 2008

Mr Big is back in town

I see that Sex And The City's Mr Big, Chris Noth, is back in Australia this week.
If you've lived up here for a few years, you probably have a celeb story to share.
Even if you're hanging around outside Gillian's at three in the morning, you might even be able to snog a Big Brother evictee. The girl (or guy?) that got a blowie behind Sporties from Hotdogs probably got the celeb honors that month.
My mate Paul looked after Keanu Reeves with a touring motorcycle when he snuck away to Cairns after filming the Matrix. "Yeah, he a was really nice down to earth guy," says Paul.
Jason Weinberg, who used to run Adworks, had the joy on riding the coast with him for the afternoon.
I hosted Noth a couple of years ago whilst I was marketing director at the former Radisson Treetops in Port Douglas. It's now a Mantra property, however it really should be called Treechops, after they got rid of most of the vegetation around the resort.
Mr Big was simply pleased to be away from all the people, and found an escape in North Queensland.
We dined with Chris and the boys from Haba took him out for a couple of days diving. He ditched the limo and I drove him back from Port to the airport in my old 77 Landcruiser.
I haven't had an email from Chris this time round, so don't know if he's slipping in a week's r+r up here. However I do have my own boxed set of Sex and the City, personally delivered.

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