Sunday 29 June 2008

The damming 2003 Assessor's Report

This is the report that says it all about the Cairns Yacht Club's plea to seek Heritage listing status.

Cairns Regional Council, as a Signatory of the Trinity Inlet Management Plan (see pic), it's time for the New Regional Council, including those who formed part of the previous council, ie; Councillors Blake, Bonneau, Gregory and Cochrane; to go into full attack mode and take the Cairns Port Authority on, and show some true, honest courage on this topic.

The council's silence on this matter is contributing to the destruction.

Not only destruction of this old place, but to the civic pride held by so many. A pride that is being sorely tested.

There is no room for a plea of ignorance as to how the Cairns Yacht Club missed out on Heritage Listing in 2003.

There is now an abundance of evidence available to show what an absolute rort the 2003 Heritage Council decision was.

For example, here is the Assessor's Report to the Heritage Council in December 2003 in which he clearly states that the place satisfies the criteria for Heritage listing.

This expert advice was overruled by the then Chairman of the Queensland Heritage Council when met with a split, but depleted, vote.

Listed too are those that objected. It shows a compelling and political game at play to use the land for another purpose, with no respect to our history.

This is all about civic pride and a love of the old Cairns in which we live.

You can also download the Assessors Report to the Heritage Council.

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Anonymous said...

No use relying on Bonneau for heritage support. He does not have a sympathetic bone in his body - look how he treated his own constituents in his last Division.

He is a waste of time.