Thursday 26 June 2008

What today's meeting is all about

This morning's Cairns Regional Council meeting will have the full attention from a delegation of Save False Cape campaigners.

Following some unwanted attention last Wednesday, when Steven Nowakowski, Mark Buttrose, along with Machans Beach videographer Drew Sinclair, crashed in the helicopter that they chartered. They were surveying the current state of the False Cape land, left abandoned by developers some months ago, for further evidence to present to today's Council meeting. Luckily they are all unhurt to tell the story.

They will be demanding that the Regional Council take urgent action to repair and commence rehabilitation work before the next wet season.

The mile-long site, left scarred from development that got out of control, breached agreed planning consents, yet gained permissions from a Council and a Federal Government that was complicit in such devastation, coupled with a lack of desire to access the developer's bond of $650,000, the community has been angry for answers and action.

Here's three more dramatic, yet shocking images that Steve snapped minutes before his helicopter crashed at False Cape last Wednesday morning.


Anonymous said...

A million tourists per annum use our sewerage system, they use our water supply, and force us into paying excess water rates, wear out our roads, keep us awake at night with the thundering jets, while the carpetbaggers blot our views of the once pristine Trinity Inlet, damage our roads by carting massive amounts of aggregate, sdand and fill into the city to build their high rise concrete jungles, tear out chunks of False Cape, tear down our Heritage buildings, leave their mess and giant shadows behind when they go with their money or belly up with bankruptcy. The burning question is, have we benefited from any of this, or do we just have to keep paying like the mob or morons we have turned out to be? The spin off should have kept our rates at $300 a residence shouldn’t it? But no, the Government takes what the carpetbaggers don’t. It’s obvious that our voices are not carried through in the representations we make to the local members of State Parliament and certainly not through the Cairns or Regional Council, because here they are about to sell the Cairns International Airport that we own. So where does that leave us? It’s about time the people of Cairns said enough is enough and took action to recoup their losses by class actions through the High Court.

Anonymous said...

A Cairns Citizens Class Action in the High Court would soon sort this sort of criminal destruction out. Certainly make the carpetbaggers think twice about what they do to us before they do it. To put this back would cost a billion dollars and still not secure the integrity of the mountain. Has this cost us ratepayers one cent? No? Then what are we doing in the Regional Council Meeting?