Wednesday 18 June 2008

ABC does it again

I have to say I'm a huge fan of ABC's new Q and A panel show.

Probably Australia's best current affairs journo, Tony James, hosts the informal and fun weekly debate on topical and events in the news. Set your dial for 9:30pm Thursday nights, if you haven't already.

Also new to the screen, is the 9pm Wednesday time slot for The Gruen Transfer, where Wil Anderson discusses all things advertising. It's another Andrew Denton production, and it shows.

Both programmes are also available on line. I've added these to the CairnsBlog calendar, for you forgetful bunnies.


Anonymous said...

Q&A does not report reality and Gruen Report is just for dull Neo-Cons. Viva la revolution of the real people set to hit soon! I think u r a Neo Con Mr Moore like most people!
(9/11 Was an inside jon, MPfreebees @ youtube!

Anonymous said...

Australia's best current affairs journo! Are you on fkking drugs or wot!?? BTW Where do I get these drugs!

Anonymous said...

Have you checked out "Salam Cafe", 10 p.m. Wed. night on SBS. I love this show!

Here's a snippet from their wed site....'s-Got-Talent_384