Thursday 19 June 2008

A letter from Kevin, I mean Val

  • Steve, Mark and the other chopper passengers,

    There are just so many people around town who are relieved that you are all OK.

    The thought that the outcome of the crash may have been worse and that a couple of our cherished environmentalists may have been harmed hardly bears contemplation.

    Everyone at Council is aware that you have put your lives at risk to demonstrate the degradation at False Cape and that sends a powerful message to us. I know that you will have a very receptive audience at Council when the deputation proceeds.

    We should all be thankful that you are part of our community and care so much about our environment and our future.

    Val Schier

    Cairns Regional Council
    119-145 Spence Street,
    PO Box 359 Cairns, Queensland 4870
    Phone: (07) 4044 3044

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Anonymous said...

Thank You Val,

I just want to praise the efforts of Stephen Phelps the chopper pilot who did an amazing job in trying to rectify a very disastrous situation. Without his expertise and skill things may have been alot different.

I also wish Drew Sinclair a very speedy recovery. I admire his sense of humour and I look forward to having a beer with him when he has recovered.

With regards to False Cape, it is a place that has been heavily damaged. It was once such a beautiful headland that was so rich in life and so important historically for our indigenous people. It was also a place that harbored many stories relating to our short white history.

Perhaps False Cape can be a beacon to show the world that sometimes we initially make the wrong decisions, but after much thought we can rectify the wrongs. Lake Pedder in Tasmania is one place I'd like to see our past mistakes rectified, the other being False Cape. It can be done: it just needs passion and belief that you are doing something right.

Thanks Val,