Tuesday 17 June 2008

Mobile MSN

Just been trialing mobile MSN. That's running MSN on your mobile. Kinda kinda fun too.

I love embracing new techno, but you need to have the web enabled on your mobile, and then go to this website, via your mobile.

It opens a web messenger, similar to the one you can use where you are at a computer that doesn't have MSN installed. Because your mobile is continually checking it's network, this service operates as your broadband services does at home.

Telstra, Optus and 3 are offering the service, which should be free to access, however you should check first.

Telstra have recently dropped a lot of their mobile Internet access to some sites like Yellow Pages and a number of news sites. They're also providing some free access on the new HipTop mobile. Not too sure what brand this handset is. But with a proper keyboard on your mobile, it makes using mobile MSN more bearable.

It won't be long before the next generation of mobiles will all be enabled with Nav systems. With the launch of Apple's iPhone this month, we see a convergence of a number of mobile technologies.

No longer will you have to carry two or three devices to make a call, listen to your fav music and surf the net. It will also be surprisingly affordable if you take out a plan - around $250.

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