Tuesday 17 June 2008

Possessed demon

Someone should remove the shovel from Labor's Belinda Neal and Member for Robertson.
She just keeps on digging a bigger hole.

The Australian highlights that she has a history of anger. Surprise!

Just a week or so after her outbursts at a nightclub, with hubby and suspended NSW minister John Della Bosca, there seems to be a pattern coming to the surface.

We've now learnt that she murmured three times in the House, words aimed at pregnant Federal MP Sophie Mirabella that her unborn baby would turn into a demon!

"Your child will turn into a demon, you have such evil thoughts."

She denied it. Then the recordings and Hansard was reviewed.

What was she thinking. Oh that's right, nothing!


Anonymous said...

Sophie Mirabella isn't exactly a genteel, ladylike victim either.
Sophie is the one who poured cat-piss over Julia Gillard for being "childless". Talk about sexist comments!

Anonymous said...

baby turn into a demon? Why kind of semi-literate trailer trash are we letting into our copious levels of Geovernment?