Friday 27 June 2008

Northern Territory keeps heritage

Former Commodore of the Cairns Yacht Club, and author of the club and building's history, Bob Rendal, writes from the Northern Territory, where he's enjoying a break away from the North Queensland coast...

  • Hello to CairnsBlog readers....

    We are currently in Katherine and will stay for a couple of days.

    Having a great time. I was chatting with a couple in the camp next to us and it turns out they are old Melbourne school friends from 43 years back. Bloody amazing!

    Some camp sites are basic and others are just great. We stayed at a place called Bitter Springs, near Mataranka. Had a swim and just floated down these thermal ponds, bloody great. The previous night we drove into a place called Daly Waters, about 5kms off the main road.

    It was fairly early in the day and were surprised to see a convoy of at least a dozen hire campers. They were all German tourists on a guided trip departing.

    The camping ground, of approx five acres, was full by 4pm.

    A great old tin Historic pub with tons of memorabilia was the centre of activity with some live country music at night to entertain the great variety of travellers from grey nomads through to backpackers, it was a great night.

    I thought... what a pity Desley Boyle, TTNQ and Advance Cairns delegates weren't here to see what a great mix of heritage and entertainment can do for tourism.

    The impending demolition of the Yacht Club's Aquatic building and destruction of the waterfront, is really bloody criminal for the loss of tourism potential and entertainment in Cairns.

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Anonymous said...

Tourists are already bypassing Cairns in their thousands. There is far more Heritage, Natural and cultural interest on the Tableland these days. Innisfail is fast becoming the Tourist Mecca for Reef and Fishing. Townsville has retained its Heritage buildings. The Cairns Port Authority and Desley will complete the destruction of our Heritage when the last Icon is bulldozed and like Cloud Land our 100 year old Heritage will disappear except for Bob’s Book.