Saturday 21 June 2008

Tsvangirai: It's a sham

Zimbabwe's opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai says that the election this coming Thursday, will be a "monumental farce" because he is being blocked "at every turn from campaigning at rallies, public media addresses and on other platforms."

The violence is also out of control. At least 70 people, most reportedly Tsvangirai's MDC supporters, have been killed since the first March poll. Tsvagirai blames the state security forces for the political murders.

Robert Mugabe said yesterday that he will not hand over power, even if he does not win. He says "only God" could remove him from office! Maybe God should steep in, but I hear he's got his work cut out inn Burma and China these days.

"The MDC [opposition] will never be allowed to rule this country, never ever," Mugabe said last evening.

"Only God who appointed me will remove me, not the MDC, not the British."

The mad Mugabe has been in power since independence from Britain in 1980. He has accused Morgan Tsvangirai of being a stooge of the British.

"We will never allow an event like an election reverse our independence, our sovereignty, our sweat and all that we fought for ... all that our comrades died fighting for."

After 28 years in power, appalling poverty, violence and record 1000% inflation, Mugabe has little to be proud of achieving.

Tsvangirai announced yesterday that on Monday he will say whether his party will withdraw from next week's election.

Mugabe and his party lost the March poll, however Tsvangirai did not get the required majority to form a government.

The latest observation is that it would be better for Zimbabwe to abandon next week's election, because it will not resolve the country's political and economic crisis.

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