Sunday 29 June 2008

Updates on the Blog

I've been slowly introducing some new enhancements to the Blog.
The Comments section is now more integrated. One of the most common complaints about the comment form has been that it’s on a separate page from the post. The new embedded comment form now appear below each post, instead of a separate window.

It's now easier to save Blog posts to your [browser] favourites. You can also share any post with a variety of other websites you may use. Simply click the "Add This" icon below the post.

MAKE A PDF Now this is a cute wee add in tool for you. The guys at have provided me with cute tool for Blog readers. It's located on the right hand sidebar, down the bottom. Basically, if you wish to convert any document (on your computer) to a PDF, simply add it to the browse window, enter your email address, and it's instantly sent to your inbox! Oh, and this one, has a sheep involved. It's all to do with cloning! By the way, for those who don't know, PDF stands for Portable Document Format, any allows files that were created in almost any programme (Word, Excel, Paint, PowerPoint, PhotoShop etc) to be converted into a format that everyone can open. The conversion process also zips or decreases the size of the file.

You'll see a little more advertising appearing between some posts. These are here for the obvious reason, to help contribute to the the costs of running CairnsBlog. So everytime you click on them, it helps! Enuf said.

There's also another addition that I uploaded last week. You can add CairnsBlog to your Reader. There's also an option if you want to monitor any new comments posted, which I know a lot of folk look out for. For those that don't or haven't used a Reader, I'll post an article about this soon. Basically it's a neat way to monitor all the websites you constantly log into, that have regular new content (news / blogs etc). You'll notice most sites now have a RSS logo. This stands for Really Simply Synidication. By using RSS, you can watch a heap of websites in one reader window, I use Google's Reader, but there's many out there.

I'm trialling a SMS Sender. This is also located in the right hand sidebar. When you register, you get 10 free SMSs. After that, they're around 16 cents each.

If you have any complaints or something doesn't work, please give me some feedback. I'm always open to suggestions so the Blog can be continually improved. I always love to hear from readers, especially Barry in Mossman!

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