Thursday 26 June 2008

I love development

Former Mayor Kevin Byrne made a rare appearance back into the media spotlight today.

In today's Cairns Post reports that the former mayor, is now an executive director of Capital Globe, the property development and investment group which took over LHL investments.

Well, finally the tiger has revealed his true colours.

Byrne also took the opportunity this morning to spew it all out on John McKenzie's show.

He thinks that a lot of people don’t understand his love for development.

"I have been very impressed with [LHL's] Capital Globe’s investment philosophy and positive commitment to the growth and development opportunities in our region since," Byrne told the Cairns Post.

"This is a new lease of life for me. What I have wanted to do is to find something that fits my abilities and capacity."

(warning, get a bucket...)

"A lot of people don’t understand my love for development."

"I have a passion for good development and believe this community has untapped potential for good development and that is not because I want to tear anything down, but rather want to see this area develop in a positive way,” Byrne said.

Now, let's not forget Byrne's large LHL-funded illegal electoral sign on LHL land. I wrote about this extensively previously.

In 2006 LHL Investments participated in the trade mission to China with the Mayor. LHL have also been patrons and financial contributors to Advance Cairns.

Pictured [right] is Kevin Byrne and Carl Williams of LHL Investments, turning the first soil at Smithfield's Northpoint development, who along with CEC, are building on this large area of land. LHL are seeking council approvals for the substantial developments. It was on this land where Kevin placed his Unity political billboard for the election.

Also, the Smithfield town centre proposed by Flanagan Consulting Group and Conics, on behalf of LHL and Trinity Park Investments, had no public consultation. Cairns City Council, then led by Byrne, tried to get the proposal through. He works for the same group. Oh the irony.

Now the reason this is all very interesting is that Kevin Byrne has been on record in the past of saying he's not in the pockets of developers.

Well, days before the Council election, here he is loud and clear telling ABC's Pat Morrish on March 12th this year, that he's not their mate.

"You've got no proof of that," he exclaimed. "I'm not in their pocket. Never have been. Never will be." Here's the full interview.

Now, just three months after the election, we learn he's got a job with LHL.

What does that tell you about what goes on in this town?

On John McKenzie's radio show this morning, Byrne was defending his new developer friendly role. Also, listen for the desperate plea from John for Kevin to come on his show in the future.

It was radio at it's worst.


Anonymous said...

Now even the dumbest; most naïve resident of Cairns can see Byrne revealed in his true colours. And to those who have accused him of being a developer's stooge all along; you are now vindicated.
The only good thing here is that it negates any chance of Byrne ever standing for office again; he would now have as much chance of re-election as Tom and Udo.

Anonymous said...

For many a northern beaches resident, Byrnes statement that "I have a passion for good development......" rings very hollow, especially when you consider Udo Jattke 's Clifton Views eyesores on Clifton Road. This is one very good reason why Byrne lost the northern beaches in the last election. The words "good" and Kevin should not be used in the same sentence.
Then we have City Place, that was another of his projects which failed, from the beginning with the white china bathroom accessories as fountains to the current sound shell upgrade which provides no shade for listeners or cover in the case of rain.

KB would not know a good development if it jumped up and bit him on the arse!

Together, with pro-development Bonneau as Councillor, Smithfield, Lake Placcid and Caravoinica are damned as there will be nothing that those residents are going to be able to do to stop that combined juggernaut!

Anonymous said...

“A lot of people don’t understand my love for development.” Oh! Kevin give us a break - we understand only too well. The evidence abounds and you don’t need rocket science to work out why tourist numbers are declining and local residents increasingly feel like second class citizens without voice and powerless to stop the insanity and greed that is destroying this once beautiful tropical paradise. It’s well and truly on its way to becoming just another overpriced, overdeveloped, environmentally ravaged city when it could and should be an environmental showcase. Progress is supposed to be about making life better, not worse.
Before adopting a whale (as much as I love them) I suggest Council try adopting its own community – you know the ratepayers and residents it has a duty to serve and represent in a fair and balanced manner.