Friday 20 June 2008

Kiwis to choose gender

The Bioethics Council, a New Zealand ministerial advisory committee, has said parents should have the right to choose the sex of their unborn child.

With genetic knowledge and technology is progressing at a rapid pace, I have little ethical opposition to this.

The report titled Who Gets Born?, says that the sex of embryos created outside the mother's body under programmes such as IVF, should be chosen by parents.

Maybe we should also regulate that some parents should not have children.

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Anonymous said...

One of the greatest joys of giving birth is being told..." have a lovely little..boy...girl....!!!"
Oh, the thrill of it!! The joy, the wonder and the sheer triumph of it all, after all that hard work and arduous labour. And what a feeling it is...being handed your little boy...girl...and feeling like you are on a moonbeam to Heaven itself, as you stare down at your precious, beloved baby. Knowing the sex beforehand must surely diminish the sheer ecstacy of the moment.
I'm against it.