Tuesday 24 June 2008

The curse of Nowakowski

Cairns photographer and environmental campaigner Steven Nowakowski has had another brush with death, just days after a helicopter crash.

Last Wednesday morning, Steve was a passenger in the chartered helicopter, along with campaigner Mark Buttrose, and two others, when it crashed at False Cape.

On Sunday, he and his partner Sally, along with baby Jarrah, decided to have a peaceful day, following a rather dramatic week. Jarrah Goullet-Nowakowski was born eight weeks ago on 6th May.

They headed into town for an afternoon at the Regional Art Gallery, following by a picnic on the Esplanade.

"It was an attempt to put the last few days behind us," says Steven. "It was a beautiful day."

However things turned for the worse, as they were heading home, driving down Sheridan Street around 3:30pm, a taxi crossed through a Give Way sign, wiping out Steven's vehicle.

Their young baby Jarrah, was locked into his safety seat, which probably saved his life. Sally Nowakowski has some chest bruises, and the airbag saved Steve Nowakowski's life he believes.

For the second time in five days, he was rushed to Cairns Base hospital.

"I cannot believe this [last] week and am just lucky to be alive," said an elated Steve.

"Something weird is happening to me and my family? I'll do anything for a normal life right now, I've had enough excitement."


Anonymous said...

Nothing weird about a Cairns taxi running a give way sign.

Anonymous said...

You poor bugger Steve.

Hang in there! Glad your family was OK.

Our roads are dangerous places, probably more so than construction sites in recent times!!

Melody said...

*heehee* to anonymous's comment. If it wasn't a taxi who ran through the sign it would have been a bus.

Steve should go and buy a lotto ticket me thinks.