Wednesday 18 June 2008

Kiwis can fly

Air New Zealand is coming to the rescue - in part. Bloody fair dinkum Kiwis!

So, your own Ocker airline bails and it takes some sheep shaggers from across the ditch to keep the local economy going, eh?!

Following Qantas ceasing 3 weekly Japan / Cairns services from December, and replaced with an additional direct Tokyo Jetstar service, Air New Zealand will reschedule their cross Tasman flights.

The Kiwi carrier will also target more services for North Americans, Canadians, US, Japanese and Asians customers.


Anonymous said...

And the flights are always full.
Just don't ask for the Window seat and find you have two jetlagged Americans who only want to sleep, sitting next to you when you have been ill advised to have had curry for dinner the night before.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to put the additional New Zealand flights into perspective. It amounts to an additional 160 seats per week. Every non Kiwi knows that the Kiwi Tourist arrives in Australia with $20.00 in his pocket and leaves with $17.00.