Thursday 26 June 2008

Jucy, not juicy

I snapped this pic on the Captain Cook Highway, just alongside the Go Kart track, that offers annual races under water.

This new campervan seems to have emerged recently, as I've spotted a few around the streets. It's called Juicy, or at least I thought it was. What a disaster from a marketing perspective. They actually named the business Jucy.

It doesn't pass, what we call in the advertising game, "bus proof". This is where you should be able to pick up the primary 'call to action' in this time it takes a bus to drive past you.

A google search on Juicy of course doesn't net the Jucy campervan.

Besides that, I love the bright green design. Fab! Although they are probably crisp and clean inside compared to the infamous Wicked Campers, these bright green machines don't come close to the humour level of the folk at Wicked.

I posted a small collection of some favorites last year.

If you've spotted a funny camper, let me know!

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