Tuesday 17 June 2008

Pot calling the kettle blacker

The world will be watching Zimbabwe next Friday 27th June.

Mugabee said today that he won't stand down, even if he looses the second elections in his military state! Amazing. It's almost like living under Sir Joh.

Robert Mugabe won't accept an opposition government, and said today that It's going to be another dodgy election, I suspect.

It seems that almost everywhere that the opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has travelled to over the last two months, he gets harassed and detained by Mugabe's forces. He has been locked up five times over the last two weeks. His campaign buses have also been taken. Government police have searched the home and computer of the opposition leaders.

After 28 years in office, he's not wanting to let go of his nasty rein of control. With the highest rate of inflation in the world, it seems that Mugabee really doesn't have his house in order at all.

In an ironic statement today he accused the opposition party of violence. "We are telling them we will arrest you in broad daylight. There is now a pattern across the country that has to stop."

This is an astounding claim to make as Mugabe has threatened to go back to war if he loses next week's election.

Rudd has been relatively outspoken of late about the Zimbabwe situation: "I've seen how Robert Mugabe can manipulate elections. The international community does not want to see that again and it's important that the world community speak out with one voice on this important matter."
It's obvious that Zimbabwe is being run by a dominating military ruler, following the fiasco after the first election two months ago.


The e-mail from Lynton Crosby, courtesy of Kiwiblog, speaks for itself.
  • Will you join me in Giving the People of Zimbabwe a Better Future? We have let them down before so please help me to put this right!
    There is a Presidential election run-off on June 27th and Robert Mugabe is fighting every inch of the way to stay in office. People are literally being murdered to stop them voting. He cannot be allowed to get away with it again!
    Normally I don’t personally ask people to support causes but on this occasion I am making an exception - I trust you don’t mind.
    Would you be willing to promote the website
    www.friendsofzim.com to everyone on your email list and make a donation to help those fighting against the odds to ensure that the people Zimbabwe have the taste of democracy? I have personally checked this organisation out and I can assure you that the money raised is being spent on practical support that will make a difference.
    We all have an email list and if the recipients could donate, then really decent people who just want the chance for freedom and a change for the better will have some hope of a better life.
    I reckon that many of the world’s media, the UN and so many others are ignoring much what is going on there. There are 150 election observers currently in the country but there are 210 constituencies and thousands of polling places to monitor. The situation deteriorates daily as opposition supporters are threatened and attacked. Latest reports are that over 70 people are now dead, with hundreds missing, thousands injured and tens of thousands dispossessed. Mugabe’s thugs must not be allowed to get away with this.
    Inflation is 1,000,000%, unemployment is over 85% and food production in what was once the “bread basket of Africa” is almost non-existent.
    Please donate if you can and pass on to anyone who you think might help. This could make a world of difference to people who have the courage to fight for a better life. Please give them your support.
    Lynton Crosby
    PS have a look at

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