Tuesday 24 June 2008

Credit where it's due

I have to record how impressed I am with the regular Cairns Post supplement 'Posted', for and about our young folk.

There's some pages I usually skip over in the paper, like the pages full of nobs at some event, all knocking back a vino. Also, pages full of baby pix usually make my skin crawl.
As a Blue Carder, and a former leader in Scouting for 18 years, I know first-hand the value of working with young people, and seeing their goals and positive outlook on life. I've also visiting many around our region and working with Year 11 and 12's, is truly one of the most rewarding things to do. It changes your total perspective of our younger folk.
All too often we only hear of the bad side of youth, about crime and conflict in the community, so such supplements like this in the Cairns Post, cement such an important role. Most of the stories in Posted are prepared and written by students themselves. There are always many great things going on, and I'm glad that they are provided this free forum to share their stories and achievements.
My only wish is that it was larger.

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