Thursday 19 June 2008

I won't microchip

I'm a pet owner. You won't get me micro-chipping my animals. Ever.

Nor will I register them with Council.

The proposal to regulate and tell everyone how to look after their pets by the Cairns Council is akin to a Nanny State. They plan on bringing in mandatory micro-chipping and registering of both dogs and cats.

I have a number of friends with dogs, and know of many more, whom refuse to be subservient to Council and register their beloved mutts. They cite rationale like 'what do they get for the rego fee?', and 'I look after my animals, so they can butt out'.

Owning animals, comes with responsibilities. I know some don't embrace this concept. Those are the dickheads that should be targeted. But trying to enforce all pet owners to micro-chip and register, won't make one bit of difference to the suspect aims of registration.

I never let my cats out at night, when native wildlife is most active. I often leave them inside with the appropriate refreshments, whilst I'm away. I recall Cairns 1st campaigning of an education programme, to instill pet owners with responsible management of their domestic pets. The former mayor baulked at the suggestion, but proposed no alternative.

So we now learn that Cairns Regional Council will launch a pilot program, part funded by the State Government. It is planned that this will eventually lead to the mandatory micro chipping of domestic cats and dogs.

Mayor Schier is all for the scheme, with support the RSPCA. Schier thinks that the only way to stop the number of pets being put down is to ensure people too responsibility for their pets. I couldn't agree more. However enforcing micro chipping and registration is not the answer to this problem.

I agree, if you have a dog and he (it's usually the male) frequently jumps the fence and before you know it, he's five K down the road with no "Please call 1800 SILLY MUTT if I'm lost" tag around his collar. A quick scan, and bingo! However, I would argue that you should have a home that's designed adequately and safely to house the family pets.

You see, such silly enforcement laws are made for those at the bottom of the food chain.

Authorities need to focus on these loonies and leave us good folk alone who know the responsibility that comes with owning animals.


Anonymous said...

You will not register or microchip your dog/cat them because you are a “responsible” owner? Michael, this is one of your sillier, less thought out statements.
Do a straw poll and find out how many dog/cat owners will identify themselves as “irresponsible”. Let me predict the result: None!
And why do you think this is an issue in the first place? Answer: because there is a huge problem in Cairns with (particularly) dumped uncared for cats (go ask YAPS, RSPCA).
The compulsory requirement to desex, register and chip domestic animals will make impulse buying (of cute pet-shop-window puppies/kittens) much less likely, a win for all (except for maybe the pet shop owners).
Something needs to be done. Please try to be part of the solution here, if you don’t like the proposal, suggest something better.

Anonymous said...

You ask "what do they get for the rego fee?" - Well the first thing that springs to mind is the free poop-baggies that council provides at parks around the city.

Also, Registration ensures that people do not have more than an acceptable number of animals on a property.

Needless to say, if you dog/cat does get out there is little chance of you getting it back - unless it is registered with the tag around its neck (good luck keeping that sort of think on a cat) or perferably a harmless microchip.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine in Sydney had a cat that disappeared in the daylight. Two years after the disappearence (possible cat-napping) the cat was taken to the vet by the owner a truck stop where the cat had appeared. When the vet scanned for a micro-chip my friends name and address came up and they were joyfully re-united with their cat after two years apart. Just the chance that something like this could happen is enough for me to happily microchip my two cats and dog. I am a responsible pet owner, but I also know that wierd shit happens, sometimes beyond my control.