Wednesday 25 June 2008

Caption Contest

Pictured in today's Cairns Post is Mayor Val Schier just before boarding a charted flight to view our region from a bird's eye view.

Here's your chance to put words in the mouth of Val, who's chatting to Yarrabah councillor Tony Fourmile.

It was a who's who of the region's local government honchos.

Val and Tony where joined by Mayors from Cassowary Coast Bill Shannon; Tablelands' Tom Gilmore, and Desmond Tayley of Wujal Wujal. Also along for the free ride was MPs Steve Wettenhall and Rosa Lee Long from the Tablelands, and some nameless folk from the Environmental Protection Agency and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

When I heard the other day that this lot were heading up for a flight altogether, I couldn't help but think back to 1990 when then Mayor Keith Goodwin, along with a bunch of officials around the region, were all killed when flying near Mt Emerald.

As always, I'll start the ball rolling...

  1. "Val, can you make this plane do a backflip?"
  2. "After take off, you hold Wettenhall down and I'll wedgie him."
  3. "I think Yarrabah would make a nice Northern Beaches Town Centre Tony"
  4. "Check that Rosa Lee doesn't have Pauline stuffed in her hand bag."
  5. "I hope that the curse of Nowakowski isn't with us today!"
  6. "Oh, I think it's because they couldn't afford a colour photograph at the Cairns Post Tony, nothing to do with being sympathetic to you at all."
  7. ....your turn....


Anonymous said...

'Hey Fourmile, it's surprising Udo Jattke hasn't hit you up for a hunk of your coast yet. It looks nice from up here.'

Anonymous said...

Now that we've conned the ratepayers and hiked the rates by10%, we'd better start spedning on junkets!

Anonymous said...

I hope all those high flying eagle-eyed politicians spotted what is going on up at the northern end of Foley Road, Palm Cove.

It is may be a smaller hillslope site than False Cape, but the environmental destruction is 100% worse. The whole hillslope has been been bulldozed of every bit of vegetation, the land has benching probably about 20m in height and it is just unbelievable what this developer has done, right beside a rainforest creek and it would all be above the 50m mark.

Can Steve or Mark take a drive up and have a look at this. It is totally disgraceful what has been allowed to go on up there, by Council and DNR!! (The usual bloody suspects!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Bunje, this flight goes direct to Bamaga, what say we make Wetenhall get of at Cooktown!

Janine Aitken said...

Yay a lovely flight.... where are we going? A musical? A play? what do you mean this is actually about work.... isnt going to musicals work?