Friday 1 February 2008

Live from a Melbourne toilet

I was waiting for telephone call from a political in London and thought in the meantime I'd tune into John McKenzie's 846am radio show.

I was greeted with not one, but two Johns!

McKenzie had that star of stage and gossip, John Michael Houser on air. They were flapping together like a cock without a head, I mean a chock without a head. Same thing.

I was reminded of a few weeks back of John's (McKenzie) mention of the Aussie Paul Hogan film Strange Bedfellows in relation to a caller about two [men] living together to gain tax benefits. John went on and on explaining almost the entire movie, only to claim at the end he'd never seen it.

Anyway, I digress. John Michael Houser is a real flapper, no matter which way to describe his on air performances. He's a show girl from way back with knowledge and goss about every celebrity that there is to know.

Seems every commercial station does this trashy cheap filler stuff. There's Nelson Aspen, the dandy flapper on Channel 7's Sunrise. Commercial TV in New Zealand has David Hartnell. It's all so prediciable and stereotypical.

However, when Michael John Houser is on the McKenzie show, it turns the somewhat stauch CEC-apartment-promoter-Mayor-loving-announcer into a childhood giggling schoolboy. It's like listening to a couple of kids behind the bike sheds talking about Miss Big Boobs the Chemistry teacher.

"Before cell phones," Houser exclaimed to a giggling McKenzie, "I even did this from the toilet. I'd be talking some radio around the world. You know they used to have a telephone in the gentlemen's toilet?"

It was like listening to two schoolboy mates that were plotting to grafitti the principal's desk.

Such fabulous gripping radio. Must tune in tomorrow.

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I thought Dinosaus were extinct?