Friday 1 February 2008

How very dare they

The Queensland Government are acting like capitalist greedy money collecting pigs. Oh, you're not shocked?

If anyone wants to stay overnight in one of 'our' national parks across the region, the ones we fund the government to care for, you not only have to pay, but book it on line!

I have a real problem with this. This is an absurd situation.
I have camped overnight throughout the beautiful Daintree, at Noah Beach and other spots around Cape Tribulation, and at Lake Tinaroo over the years.
As a responsible outdoor lover (and a good former boy Scout), the outdoors are there for everyone to cherish, embrace, share, respect and enjoy. Everyone.
Tinaroo, like a few of these camping spots, used to operate an honesty box system, whereby you'd register and pop a few coins in the ranger's box and take a tag to affix to your tent. It worked fine.
However that's all gone.
I not only disagree with the payment for staying in our national parks, the new system with pre-booking online is dreamt up by bureaucrats sitting behind a website in Brisbane. You now have to log on prior to packing the car and book your campsite like a hotel.
No one 'own' the land, we just look after it before we pass it to the next generation. This proposistion that the Government are allowed to rent it out is absurd.
We have a Government charging you to put your small hike tent up overnight, and make a cup of Milo. It makes my blood boil.

Gone are the days when you can go driving, meandering and exploring the countryside, find a nice place to pull over and put up your tent for the night. The Parks and Wildlife Service, along with the EPA, want you to book your 'accommodation' online like a hotel operator. Next we'll see 'special discounted winter rate' and 'weekday low season specials'.

Sure there may have been some leaving rubbish, but Rangers can keep a watchful eye over who's visiting the area.
Here's the info regarding staying at or around Cape Trib. It reads like booking a holiday! Stays at the following FNQ areas now all require a paid permit:

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