Saturday 26 December 2009

The Freebody's arogant and rude behaviour continues

Here's the Facebook page from Kim Freebody, wife of the notoriously rude and aggressive former Councillor and waterpark developer, Paul Freebody.
Kim, and her family, are supporting a new Facebook group called Val Schier is a crap Mayor, that appears to largely have school-age children as it's 900+ members.
"Val Scheir [sic] has done a crap job since becoming Cairns mayor. Rate hikes, radio blunders, and now a ukulele festival!!" the group boasts in it's description.
As a mother and a so-called "director" of her partner's business, she's setting a fine civic example for her Christan sons, who also have subscribed to the Facebook page. Kim also lists the family 5 Star Carwash Cafe business on her Facebook profile.
Kim Freebody, who turns 42 on January 15th, must think they're home free with Cairns Regional Council. The Freebody family apparently have no compunction at dissing our Mayor, or those elected to public office, yet still seek their backing and advice in supporting their waterpark venture.
The development application for the Freebody waterpark, to be situated on the Barron River flood delta, was narrowly passed by Council in November, after he personally attacked a number of female Councillors on radio. He called Councillor Kirsten Lesina, who pipped him at the polls the year before, a "young kid."
"The only one that is negative, and always negative, is Kirsten Lesina because - I mean, I don't know what the problem is with this young kid, but she hasn't got a clue," Freebody screamed on the radio. "You've got Kirsten Lesina coming out going 'oh I don't understand the report'. Of course she doesn't understand it, she's 21 and she shouldn't be in council. But read the report, girl. I mean if you're going to be a councillor do your job and understand the report," Paul Freebody said when the Council unanimously deferred the application for two weeks.
Regardless of political leanings, the Freebody family must think this is an adult way to act and encourage their children and run down the elected Mayor of Cairns.
Next time I see Kim, or Paul for that matter, I might take Facebook's option to give them a jolly good poke.
The personal hatred on the Facebook group is full of silly nonsensical comments.
"Didnt she say during the election that she was going to fix the potholes? coz there's this one near my house thats been there for the past 2 years," Dominic Scafidi wrote.
Felix Matey Nicholls writes "what about the rut on the inside lane on mulgrave rd just outside hungry jacks i get people swerving in front of me just to avoid it lost count of the years thats been there."
28 year old Sheriann Luckie accuses the Mayor of not turning up too her workplace for a function, yet fails to disclose where she works.
"My workplace held a function for her to attend a morning tea. Alot of organising and alot of people She was the guest of honour, the morning tea was for her, blah, blah, blah. But she didnt even turn up! She never called to cancel, reschedule it or even apologise! Management were very disappointed and they didn't hesitate in letting her know!..what happened to 3rd strike your out?And Im sure people are going to spend thousands of dollars to travel from other countries to come here just to watch a uke festival!"
However an ALP member Chris Rollason, an outspoken critic of Schier, says that the only good thing she has done was found the Council's Indigenous Advisory Committee.
Paul Freebody recently returned from a "revenue gathering" mission to find investors in the United States, to make up a $20 million shortfall. I guess when he showed them the plans that his waterpark was to be sited in the middle of a river system, they laughed at him. However, all was not lost. Paul returned with a bunch of coloured wrist bands that he stole from a swimming park in Florida and an idea to have a mascot mutt named "Adventure Dog."


Al said...

How dumb are they! This is not a smart way to do business. Such pettiness only alienates them from the many who disagree, and destroys any goodwill people have for them and their ventures. They deserve to fail!

Smithfield Sam said...

Despite the fact that councillors approved this ridiculous development (over the strong objections of the professional planners), this doesn't mean that the project is going ahead. The original objectors still have the opportunity to lodge an appeal against the project, and word around town is that at least one is planning such an appeal. And the voluminous number of conditions are felt by the planners around town to be written so that they can't be met by any project on this property.

And they start up a group to attack the Mayor? These people are a real piece of work, I especially like their expression of "christian values" - should go down big with the Americans who actually have to build this water-disaster.

JJ James, next door farmer said...

what do you expect from the fleabodys... a miricle!!!

Taylor and Pauline said...

again you come up with the dirt and the real story mike that the compost doesn't print... all it says about freebody is how nice he is to build us all a waterpark blaa, blaa...

good on you for exposing thiese people who rave on about being "christains" and carry on with such hatred. and I'm no Val supporter but this really shows the typical nature of these kind of people

Waterpark fan of Bungalow said...

Leave the family out of this. It's Paul you should be attacking, not his wife or the dumbarse kids

Joanne Lous said...

yeah but Schier has done a crap job. Remeber all the things she campaigned for and about? environment, hertiage etc.

What happened to that Val? And let's not forget your former supportes like all those good folk on the northern Beaches that you ignored on vote after vote ....... time you joined that Facebook group too Val!


nocturnal congress said...

The Freebodys "Christian values" only apply to themselves it seems.
Funny, how they have forgotten the fate of Cairns' first Water Works.

Alison Alloway said...

On the Ukulele brother-in-law crafted this gorgeous ukulele from special Queensland timber, for his daughter for a Christmas present. It is truly a beautiful instrument. We all enjoyed playing it, and my nephew (a guitarist in a band) was able to master it very quickly. He now wants one for himself! We all sang the ukulele classic "Leaning on a Lamp Post" as well.
Everyone at the Christmas bar-b-que and Christmas dinner was excited about Cairns hosting a Ukulele Festival next year.

Unknown said...

Maybe we could set up a "the Freebodies are crap" Facebook group.

Just the comments on this site shows what a bunch of brain dead idiots live in this city.

I for one would not want to broadcast my name publicly like that.

A lot of the pot holes etc. they are whinging about apparently have been there for "years", so they were there on Peabody's watch. Why didn't he fix them ?

If any of these gutlesss cowards have an issue with the Mayor, go out there and run for council or come up with some alternatives, instead of this pathetics sniping that has been going on, aided and abetted by the likes of John McKenzie.

And how about the rest of the council ? Don't they have any responsibility or is the Mayor an easier target ? At least she can spell.....

Art Iculate said...

Too Joane Luos, yeah but waht egsactly is it tha yoo complaneing bout? wear presisely hass Val fallied yo on hertiage an enviroment? iF yoo give egsact deatals praps we all will all no watt too bag her for.

Joanne Lous said...

Mr dumb "Art Iculate" trying to be funny isn't one of your better traits...

Try Val's deafness on the Yacht Club issues for one.

Just recently she touted on about protecting the "heritage values of Shield Street"...

Don’t worry Val. Why should we take any notice of your so-called heritage values after you not only failed to act and listen to the community when they want your help to save the historic Cairns Yacht Club.You and your Council and your master in the Labor Party were pathetic when it came to the community’s cry for help and action.Maybe because Shields Street isn’t under Port Authority control or the State Govt, you think you can have more influence?Your rhetoric prior to election, was good. Refreshing even. However you became a different monster after taking office and did not champion what the community wanted you to do. It was an easy win and one that you could to this day, hung your hat on with pride. The land on Warf Street is still vacant to this day. You should be ashamed to even use the word “heritage” when you have failed on this.Whilst Bryne didn’t give a shit about history, only his rewriting of it, you are no better, sadly. We all so very much pinned our hopes and dreams on a radical shake up and a true engagement with the community, after 10 years of being largely ignored. The example of the Yacht Club, will not go away as a symbol of your ignorance about respecting and listening to a community. Besides brave Councillor Forsyth’s actions, you and the rest have been asleep on these value-based issues that connect a community. I saw you at the Stratford Heritage Trail launch on the weekend, and couldn’t believe the irony of you saying such goods words to the gathering. We put you there Val to stand up, to shout, to actually listen to us, the people who elected you. The Northern Beaches folk were some of your strongest supporters, yet you have betrayed them on I don’t know how many issues in the last 18 months. Why? Why did you do that? Do you think for a micro-second that you will get votes from the big end of town next time? Val, please don’t go using big words like “heritage”. You simply don’t know the meaning of the word. The only thing that looks certain is the part of Cairns that history will assign you and your short leadership to.

mandy moo said...

How about a "Cairns Regional Council stinks and ought to be sacked" group ? Anyone else agree ?

Unknown said...


You are making some valid points and you express them well, unlike the dumbed-down Facebook mob.

I have it on some very good authority that the dirty deal on the Cairns Yacht Club went as follows:

A prominent developer "chap" who held a seat on the Port Authority Board sold himself a piece of land for a very reasonable price on which he erected the absolutely hideous Harbour Lights and tidy profits were made all around.

The adjoining Hilton lost part of their view and were promised the Cairns Yacht Club land as compensation. They are obviously waiting a few years, so the majority of the people would have forgotten what it was all about, before commencing construction.

While it is very disappointing that the Mayor or any of the councillors, except for the courageous Di Fortsythe, did not take a firm stand, let's not forget our gutless local State members, who did nothing and to this day maintain the lie that they somehow have "saved" the Cairns Yacht Club.

It is also interesting to note that Wendy Richardson and John McKenzie, who campaigned strongly to save the Cairns Yacht Club, both went to ground when the demolition started and the State election was near...

However, I don't think that any of the cowards on "Val is Crap Facebook Group" could give a toss about what happened to the Cairns Yacht Club or any other important issues facing this city.

Andrew Summerville said...

Ones actions always are indicative of your overall character trait. This assessment is no less evident in Freebody's actions.
Here we have a brave man sending out his Wife and children to go and do his bidding, his dirty work while he sits one removed garnering the benefits of their mischievous behaviour.
What does it say of his Wife's and children's character that they are prepared to be used as pawns in such less than noble pursuits.
Consistent with Freebody labelling of the female Councillors as "bitches and witches" he sees no harm in compromising/prostituting his wife and children in his quest for naked greed.
Sadly it also says a lot about his wife's dignity and self esteem in complying with his cowardly demeanour without demur.
A Blogger so motivated by such self inflicted abuse should take her by the hand for counselling sessions.

Brett Hitchens said...

Complaints about this group can be emailed to or for those wishing to remain anonymous the "report" link at the bottom left of the group page can be used.

Robyn said...

Nice facebook photo of Kim. Does she have a thing for teenage boys? Imagine the response a middle aged man would recieve if he was pictured on Facebook with 3 teenage girls? Oops, I nearly forgot, "Christian values" prevent anything inappropriate from going on in that household...

Mandy Boo! said...

Mandy Moo you are a pathetic blob of excreta held together by centrifical force. Any Facebook addicts that want to set up a page "Friends of appropriate development of the Delta" would be welcomed.
Happy Clappies that masquerade as Christians are fanatics that need to be taken to the stocks. Lets also include Mandy Moo in this cleansing.

Ed in Edge Hill said...

Word of this Freebody atrocity is spreading on Facebook. Someone's posted a link to this "filthy blog" (Paul Freeloader's words) on his Car Wash site.

Wonder how his Yank partners are feeling when they see the depths of immorality being exhibited by the Freebody family values!

David Anthony said...

I was dumbstruck when I heard of this disgusting Facebook page. Facebook, of course, goes around the world. It can be a force for good. But a gratuitous, self-indulgent, hate group like this crowd using it to spread lies, hatred and misinformation are damaging our community.
I hope Freebody has a talk to his family about their Christian behaviour.
I supported Val Schier at the last election and while handing out how-to-votes for her, I had the chance to chat to one of Freebody's sons. He was polite, articulate and, I thought, a credit to his parents. I was impressed. What a shame to learn that it was all just a show.
So vicious and fierce is the hatreds of the Anti-Val Brigade they do not realise they are damging themselves and the community. Just look at how the Brigade came unstuck with their self-destructive cash-for-comment conspiracy. You would think this mob would learn.
Val is doing a GREAT job!! And I say this uncategorically. Bearing in mind she does not have the numbers to implement her program, she has managed this city with dignity and has borne the brunt of criticism from within the community for council decisions that did not have her support.
Still, she has not played childish political games, but used the democratic processes of debate and negotiation. I'm sure it's tough going, but that's the mandate she received at the last election.
An aspect I like about the Schier council is that we now have some sanity in decision-making regarding development proposals.
Cairns is vulnerable to flooding through heavy rain and storm surges. Unbridled development by the Byrne council left ratepayers, including businesses, vulnerable to flooding. Widespread flooding from Gordonvale to the northern beaches at the start of 2008 was directly linked to ill-advised developments approved by the Byrne mob and this is why Byrne lost the election and why Freebody and Plath got the boot.
They can hate Val all they like, but they should look to themselves to see why they are no longer in positions of power.

David Anthony said...

By the way someone should tell Paul Freebody and his lovely well-brought-up children that there is a lot of support for the Ukulele Festival.
The uke is an easy instrument to learn to play and practitioners love getting together.
When Gaby Thomasz first came up with the idea for a Ukulele Festival in tropical Cairns she captured the imagination of many local people as well people from all over.
Cairns is a favourite international tourist destination.
Unfortunately, the blinkered Ant-Val Brigade, still seething with hatred and contempt over Val's election win, chose to attack and ridicule a fabulous idea simply because Val expressed support in it.
Another example of the spiteful Byrnites' trashing Cairns and people in the Cairns community just to have a go at Val.
I predict the critics will be proved wrong.
Just listen to Hannah Walker on the Mackenzie program. This little 10-year-old bundle of talent has won many hearts with her cheerful performances.
Hannah has a CD out for only 10 bucks. I picked up my copy at Music City and I simply love it.
From Hannah to Seaman Dan, ukuleles are for everyone.
Can't wait for the Festival - and can't wait to see Allison Alloway do a live performance!!

Alison Alloway said...

Sheeeesh! Not on your life, David Anthony!! However, I am now a ukulele fan and look forward to the Festival next year.

Unknown said...

Just to show how the ignorant and the illiterate rule on this disgraceful Facebook group, here is a recent entry
from a Jenelle Dillon

" YEP Mick... she is a f..... idiot.... blind freddy can see that!!! lets have a democratic vote on here... and um..... lets throw her out in the dirty gutter where she belongs! I think people power should prevail.... here!"

I'd like to remind Ms. Dillon that a democratic vote WAS held and that Val Schier WAS elected Mayor of Cairns. She will remain Mayor of Cairns until the next election.So can you please get over it ! I can't see how undermining and vilifying the Mayor will do any good for the Cairns Region or its inhabitants.

Ms. Dillon, like most other posters does not come up with anything specific complaints, does not come with any alternatives, but just has a go, because she can.

People Power Jenelle ? Don't make me laugh. Do you know even what it means ? People like you would never get off your bum to participate in any sort of People Power. That would involve some effort, commitment and vision.

nocturnal congress said...

So much for the "Christian" values of the Freebodys. If Freebody himself had to face the public pillorying which has been launched against Val, he would collapse in a blubbery heap of tears, snot and pissed pants and slither off to a dark corner somewhere to hug his teddybear and suck his thumb.

Tony Hillier said...

Hug his teddybear and play with one of his "Frying Freddie" dolls, nocturnal congress!

nocturnal congress said...

I reckon he would be sucking his thumb, loudly snivelling on floods of catarrh and playing pocket billiards to comfort himself....

Thaddeus said...

ROFL nocturnal. Bullies all tend to be the same. They love to dish it out, but when you respond, particularly with the type of inventive vituperation (which noc does so well) they can't take it.
Heheh, I like to see people who throw shit get some of it back.

Tyse said...

You do realise by publishing names, ages and comments without permission can result in lawsuits. You have released and published identities and details that you weren't given permission to use. You want to make sure none of these people get wind of their details that you Michael Moore have published without their permission. This scenario has happened too many times and yes this is very common. Familiarize yourself with the Freedom of Information Act and what is deemed to be private and confidential. It would be wise to remove the details you have published otherwise you could land in some serious hot water. Just a heads up.

Kim Anybody's Lover said...

Hey Tease, I mean Tyse, everything on Facebook is public. That's what you agree to when you public ya personal life on line mate!

You hanging out for the waterpark in the middle of the Barron River as well?

Steve Brech said...

"...that you Michael Moore..." this is a comment from someone who doesn't like you Mike. It reads like it's from a frusrated lawyer or someone trying to sound like a headmaster from the 1960's. The term getting into "Hot Water" is a term high school teachers used when threatening their students in the late 60's & early 70's. This is more Freebody/Blake bluster.

Since getting menacing & threatening phone calls from the Blake/Freebody camp I've decided to work hard at uncovering who else is involved in their group. Any comment Tyse?

Fbooker said...

Thanks Tyse :) whoever you are but yeah with facebook you choose to put yourself out there and I'm aware of that. My facebook profile is set on 'private' which means only people I choose can view it, no one else. Thanks for writing me up in your blog Mike! I am now getting 'friend requests' from weirdos who have read this. As for not disclosing where I work..... Why should I reveal that on facebook? The place I work at was not relevant to the topic and is something I keep private. I commented on the fact she did not keep to an appointment. I stated what I knew as truth. So what! With over 2,000 members of this Val Schier group, isn't that telling you something? Meanwhile, you all gripe over this trivial crap and people are starving and dying in wars and natural catastrophes all over the world. I can't even believe that you thought this was worth writing up! Val Schier - while she is a lovely person (bless her) she makes a crap mayor and thats an opinion I'm allowed to express.