Monday 21 December 2009

Another Dengue case confirmed in Townsville

Today, another locally-acquired dengue fever case was confirmed in Townsville.

This brings the total to 12, made up of 9 type 1, and 3 type 3 infections.

Out of the four pending cases from the weekend, one has been confirmed as dengue type 3 in Wulguru. A further two have come back negative. Queensland Health are still awaiting on one result.

Also of note, testing has revealed that the current dengue type 3 circulating in Townsville, is different to the one we had during the epidemic earlier in 2009. This confirms that this strain is a new import.

CairnsBlog will keep you informed via our MoziWatch tally on the sidebar of the blog. Stay tuned and be vigilant in emptying those containers and other places were water collects and becomes stagnant.

I wonder if Council staff are checking the Martyn Street depot this year?

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