Wednesday 9 December 2009

Tony Abbott's new team

Here's Abbott's new team, that he insists will head with him to the next election. Who wants a bet?

Some surprises is the stunning elevation of Joyce in the key finance role. I'm also amused with the digging up of the grave for Bronwyn Bishop's welcome back party. Minchin taking the Energy portfolio, whilst holding the hand of Greg Hunt with a thing called 'climate action', is also an interesting combo.

As an aside, I enjoyed Abbott's comment when he rubbished the Copenhagen climate conference, when he likened it to a latter-day, environmental Munich agreement, a reference to the meaningless pact Britain, France and Italy signed with Hitler in 1938.

"Well I think that what we're getting from a certain side of this argument is the view that the whole fate of the planet forever depends upon one meeting," Abbott said on ABC last night.

Too true. Heck, I'm starting to sound more and more like Lance Royce. Where's those tablets?

  • Barnaby Joyce - Finance

    Julie Bishop - Foreign Affairs

    Bronwyn Bishop - Seniors

    Christopher Pyne - Education

    Joe Hockey - Treasury

    Warren Truss - Trade and Transport

    Ian Macfarlane - Infrastructure

    Scott Morrison - Immigration

    Tony Smith - Communications

    Phillip Ruddock - Secretary to Shadow Cabinet

    Eric Abetz - Industrial Relations

    Kevin Andrews - Families

    Nick Minchin - Resources and Energy

    George Brandis - shadow Attorney-General

    David Johnson - Defence

    Peter Dutton - Health and Ageing

    Greg Hunt - Climate Action, Environment and Heritage

    Nigel Scullion - Indigenous Affairs

    John Cobb - Agriculture

    Bruce Billson - Small Business

    Sophie Mirabella - Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

    Andrew Robb - Chairman of the Coalition Policy Development Committee


old mens and hens party said...

"A quick scan across the Coalition backbenches reveals a veritable retirement home for conservative politicians. Wilson Tuckey turned 74 this year. Bronwyn Bishop will celebrate her 67th birthday in October. Alex Somlyay is 63 years old; Joanna Gash 64; Phillip Ruddock 66; Danna Vale 64; Judi Moylan is 65 and the wrassler from Hume, Alby Schultz, reaches 70 this year."

"Indeed some would argue that there’s over 900 hundred years of experience among that advanced group of politicians, but for mine the Opposition benches have got a bit of the stench of the Soviet Politburo about them, circa 1984."

Paul said...

Bronwyn Bishop. There's a reason not to vote Abbott all by itself.

Dicky Nee said...

Sophie Mirabella as Shadow Minister for Science?? WTF?? She is an avowed creationist!!

The Pick of the Bunch said...

Mmmm.... let’s see:

Barnaby Joyce – has read a bit of James Joyce’s Ulysses and thinks he can emulate it with a form of his own riddle-speak. Ran a small accountancy firm in St George so let’s make him Finance Minister. Climate change denier.

Bronwyn Bishop – was believed dead and is now merely ‘undead’ as demonstrated by the portfolio given. A confirmed apiarist, Bron keeps a swarm of Killer Bees in her 1950s hairdo. You never know when you might need them. Climate change denier.

Christopher Pyne – man-child who has said proudly that politics comes first and his wife and children somewhere afterwards. Let’s give him education.

Phillip Ruddock – the Undertaker, back presumably to maintain Bronwyn in a state of undeadness. Liked locking up young children in detention centres. He has been given the suitable portfolio of shadowing the shadows.

Eric Abetz –famous for two things. One, having a large plum in his mouth which prevents him from speaking in any comprehensible language except his own – the dying Abetzian dialect. Two, the monumental cock-up over the fake Gorgon Grech email affair. No one will be able to understand the windbag at IR meetings. Climate change denier.

Kevin Andrews – I know, let’s give the Families portfolio to the man who likes locking them up even more than the Undertaker when they come to this country looking for a better life. Lied through his teeth over the Mohammed Hanif affair which cost the Aussie taxpayer millions of dollars and deprived an innocent man of his liberty and his livelihood. Climate change denier.

Nick Minchin – the Godfather. A sleazy back room dealer who will probably die of old age watering his garden roses with the last South Australian drops, all the while continuing to deny climate change.

Does anyone seriously think this ignorant, geriatric rabble have a giant iceberg’s chance of ever being electable?

Dad's Army said...

Just remember these mental giants from Yesterday Land in Tony's new shadow Cabinet are Warren's colleagues (They are so trendy they even have their own living dead in Bishop, Andrews and Ruddock)- War mongers and AWB bribes to Iraq, anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-asylum seekers, children overboard, Work No Choices, anti-Climate Change and, oh that's right we voted them out for these things but, suddenly everything old is new again, apparently hey Waz? Watching you both tonight on the news you still are Tone's Number One Fanboy. Must be the speedoes.