Sunday 20 December 2009

Premature Toyota advert came and left early

Toyota has dumped a TV advert for the new Yaris after several thousand complaints that it was sexist.

The boyfriend arrives to take a girl out and says to the father:

Boyfriend: "I'm here to take Jennifer's virginity out tonight."
Father: "She can take a good pounding in any direction"
Daughter: "I'm ready to blow."
Boyfriend: "I'll have her on her back by 11."

Appropriately is was called Clean Getaways. With all this climate and world recession stuff, I think we need to lighten up and have a bit of a giggle.

If you missed it on telly, here it is:

1 comment:

Good move said...

It was an all right ad. Not incredibly funny. Don't know how many people would want to buy a Yaris based on it.

I'm glad it was taken off tv because there are some things - Santa's identity and loss of virginity included - which I think adults should attempt to keep out of the hearing or sight of young children listeners/viewers.