Sunday 13 December 2009

Mayor plants 50,000th tree in Douglas region

According to a Council press release, the Mayor of Cairns Regional Council has planted the 50,000th tree in the Douglas region.

Val Schier planted a Red Cedar tree (Toona australis) just behind Council’s Mossman office on Front Street. Behind, in Front street. Did you find that amusing too?

"The Red Cedar was chosen as a tribute to the species’ devastation through past logging practices in local surrounding rainforest," the Council press statement says.

I thought the Douglas region already had a rain forest full of trees - way more then 50,000 at last count. Probably millions in the ancient Daintree.

The editor of Newsport Daily, run by Tourism Port Douglas, says that politicians, wherever they are from, should take a leaf out of a trees book, no pun intended.

"I always think trees could teach us a lot," Roy Weavers, the editor says. "I hope when the Mayor was planting her Red Cedar tree in Mossman she was thinking that all Council decisions made should last for as long a time as this tree, no fast track, pleasing the crowd, 'shoot from the hip' rash moves."

"That way when this Council's decisions have stood the test of time and grown into maturity, they will be straight, honest and strong and will do the job they are supposed to do just like the growth of any mature tree," Weavers says. "Short cuts make short trees and I know they take less watering but I, for one, don't want any 'bonsai' politicians in the Douglas Region."

"I'm just going off to hug a tree now before they cut them down to widen the highway."

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